Brigantine Independents now Largest Voter Block on Island

Some interesting new details about registered voters in Brigantine have recently come to light. According to a report in the Beachcomber News, the political make-up of Brigantine has undergone significant changes over the years.

Brigantine registered voter ranks have now dwindled to 6,783.

As this number declines, the power of voting gets concentrated into the hands of a smaller and smaller group. Of this 6,783 number, here’s how it breaks down:

  • Independent registered voters: 2,758
  • Republican registered voters: 2,756
  • Democrat registered voters: 1,860

These updated numbers will weigh heavily on the Mayoral showdown in November, as Councilwoman Lisa McClay aims to cap Mayor Guenther’s reign to 22 years.

Brigantine Beach NJFor decades, Brigantine Beach was heavily controlled thru a virtual ‘one party’ rule. The dominant Brigantine GOP political machine was well-oiled, feared and respected. They tended to embrace bigger government and a larger, well paid, public union workforce they could count on during elections.

The Brigantine GOP hit its peak about 2008 under the leadership of union friendly ex-cop; Jim Barber, who concurrently occupied the dual roles of City manager and Public Safety Director.

In national elections, Republicans typically run on:

  • Fiscally conservative platform of smaller government
  • Belt-tightening tactics that lead to lower taxes
  • Tougher negotiating with public employee unions
  • Free & open business marketplace

Here in Brigantine, it’s almost the exact opposite. The Brigantine Republican GOP:

  • Supports bigger government & city hall operations
  • Enables favorable & expensive contracts for public employee unions
  • City prefers to run assets like the golf course, instead of sub-contracting to experts.
  • Exerts influence on business activity by leveraging GOP friendly Chamber of Commerce

Need info on how part-time residents can cast a vote in the upcoming Nov 2014 election in Brigantine?

Generally, it’s a very easy process, especially in New Jersey.

  1. You’re a resident 30 days prior to the election
  2. You’ re intention is to claim Brigantine as your domicile for voting purposes
  3. You’re registered to vote in ONE locale

For specific details, refer to the NJ state website: NJ Voting Info

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