Brigantine is Hiring.

Brigantine Beach is Seeking Proposals for Following Professional Services:

  • Municipal Attorney
  • Labor Attorney
  • Bond Counsel
  • Municipal Auditor
  • Prosecutor
  • Public Defender
  • Planning/Zoning Board Attorney and Planner

A. General Requirements

All proposals for Professional Services shall include the following information and documentation:

1. Names and titles of the individuals who will perform services under the contract and a description of their relevant experience.
2. A list of references with address and telephone contact numbers of current and/or past clients for whom the candidate performed similar services.
3. A fee schedule including hourly rates and any additional fees for which the candidate would seek reimbursement or compensation (e.g. travel time, meals, lodging, copies, postage, etc.). Note that additional and/or alternative fee information may be required for certain positions, as set forth below. The City will establish a Cap amount in the appointing resolution. The Cap amount will be certified by the City CFO. The amount in the resolution will be the maximum payable under the approved contract. Services rendered in excess of the approved amount shall require Council approval prior to the services being rendered.
4. Identification of any actual or potential conflicts of interest or relationships between the candidate and the City.
5. A summary of any professional disciplinary action taken against any individual named in response to Item 1, above.
6. A statement of the candidate’s compliance with the provisions of Brigantine’s political contributions ordinance (Chapter 236 of the Brigantine City Code)

Ten copies of all proposals shall be submitted in a sealed envelope with the exterior of such envelope marked “RFP”and noting the position(s) to which the RFP applies. All proposals must be received in the City Clerk’s office (1417 W. Brigantine Ave., Brigantine NJ) no later than 10:00 am on Tuesday December 18, 2012. At that time, all RFP’s will be publicly opened in the municipal court room, and the names of those submitting proposals and the position(s) for which the proposals were submitted, will be publicly announced.

Upon award of a contract, the candidate will be required to supply the City with the following documentation: certificates of insurance for NJ Workers’ Compensation,
General Liability (naming the City as an additional insured) and Professional Liability; statement of Affirmative Action compliance, New Jersey Business Registration
Certificate and a City of Brigantine Sworn Statement (as required by Ordinance 18-2011 Sec IV).

All questions regarding this notice and/or the procedures to be followed in this RFP process shall be directed to the City Manager at 609-266-7600, Extension 212

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