Brigantine Jet Ski Beach Bash Cancelled at Last Minute?

A few years back, the ‘Jet Ski Weekend’ or ‘Brigantine Beach Bash’ was a great event. Showed real promise to turn into a yearly success for the island of Brigantine. But the last two years have been a bust. And the 2014 edition had even more controversy surrounding it. Was is properly filed as a non-profit event?  Did financial support vanish due to questionable activity? Did promoter run into bad luck….or did promoter just drop the ball?

Brigantine was filled with jet-skis attached to the backs of cars. We saw license plates from NY, Connecticut, Florida and Canada. Some seemed to be lost, looking for the event. [envira-gallery id=”24920″]

According to the Brigantine Beach Bash Facebook page, many were blind-sided with the news…or lack of news….surrounding this 3 day event; SEPT 26 27 and 28.

One disappointed fan of Brigantine’s Jet Ski Weekend had this to post on the Beach Bash Facebook page:

It’s not the fact it was canceled. it’s all ur shady behavior . U didn’t tell people till today that it was officially canceled. u could of have people a heads up last week and told them it’s not looking good , or there’s a good chance of cancellation but u did what every event promoter does and kept quiet bc if it did go off u didn’t wanna loose a single person who was coming to the fear earlier in the week of cancellation.

All people ask for is transparency not bs and “text me for real reason”.  If it’s for love of the sport then people would understand if it’s a legit reason .

I’ll be the first to tell people that brigantine is the most political city.. literally.. in the United States . There’s more corruption than anywhere else and this shit happens a lot but u didn’t do that and that’s why people are pissed .

Well make a great weekend out of it either way, but it can guarantee that’s everyone’s issue.

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1 thought on “Brigantine Jet Ski Beach Bash Cancelled at Last Minute?”

  1. Well the guy mark must have known that the event wasn’t going to happen at all.. Lagoona beach bar had a wedding Saturday and you know that was planned months ago. No way the beach bash would have happened if a wedding was going on the same day. The guy mark owes a lot of people money!! Including me!!

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