Brigantine Keeps Short-Term Rental Ban Until at Least June 3

Deputy Mayor Sera

Most short-term vacation rentals along the Jersey Shore will be open for business by June 1, but not here in Brigantine.

Deputy Mayor Sera, according to his social media page, says keeping the short-term rental ban for another month could have devastating consequences for the economy. Nonetheless, Sera has delayed another rental discussion until next week’s Brigantine City Council meeting on June 3.

Real Estate executive, Dennis Allen, is pushing for City Hall to lift the ban…. and re-open Brigantine’s short-term rental market. Lift the ban now, not next week.

With all due respect Deputy Mayor, (June 3) is almost two weeks away. Is there anyway city council can call an emergency meeting regarding the rental ban? Local real estate offices and many property owners need this lifted ASAP.

Real Estate Exec, Dennis Allen.

Last week, Sera boasted that the rental ban could be quickly lifted whenever they wanted. No council meeting or vote would be needed.


Brigantine Mayor keeping short-term rental ban in place for now.

No word yet on Mayor Andy Simpson’s return to a more active role in government. Waiting for City Hall to provide details on Mr. Simpson’s health-related absence.

In the meantime, Sera, as acting Mayor of Brigantine, has delayed the rental discussion until June 3.

Most Jersey Shore towns allowing short-term rentals as of May 26, and hotels / motels as of June 1.

Local towns like Brigantine were encouraged to help develop plans to re-open local business, especially short-term rentals. To date, Brigantine has no plan in the works.

Cathy Crispell Adams: Please lift the ban now. We were told at the last Council meeting that the rental ban can be lifted at any time, no council meeting needed.

In Atlantic County, each municipality makes their own decision about short-term rentals.

State of NJ permits local governments to determine restrictions, if any, on short term-rentals.

  • Cape May County short-term rentals to resume on June 1
  • Wildwood & North Wildwood allowing rentals as of May 26
  • LBI & Harvey Cedars: no current ban on short-term rentals
  • Ship Bottom: short-term rentals allowed as of May 15
  • Beach Haven: short-term rentals OK starting June 1
  • Atlantic City: short term rentals & hotels OK as of June 1
  • Margate already taking short-term rentals as of May 26
  • Brigantine short-term rentals banned until further notice

Carrie Bowen Hemler: Lift the Brigantine short term rental ban! The island needs financial support from summer renters. The island can’t survive without this. Second homeowners could be forced to sell as they rely on that income. There will be no small business to open up if you keep summer rentals in lock-down. If you’re worried, you have every right to stay home.

Tracy DeStefano Ewing: The ban should be lifted. The vast majority will be smart and responsible. Neighboring towns are lifting their rental bans. It’s too easy for families to find another town to vacation in this summer. A large portion of the island needs renters in order to pay their bills.

Tom Lewis: I should disclose that my family is what most in Brigantine consider “shoobies.” Before anyone pounces, remember we are ‘shoobies’ that pay property taxes, maintain our second home and respect the local community.

If it weren’t for ‘shoobies’, many of our beach communities would struggle due to lack of tax revenue, as the Mayor indicated above, or alternatively your tax rate would be so high that it might be impossible for many to remain.

We do hope you reconsider the ban and open Brigantine up to all rental sites come June. Start trusting that people will do the right thing. When they don’t, hold them accountable.

We fell in love with this island a few years back and since we only live 45 minutes away, we thought it would be a great retreat during the summer. We can’t be here for the entire summer season so we generally rent our home for 1-2 months. It definitely helps offset bills and gives others a chance to enjoy this peaceful island.

We, like many others, use AirBnB and VRBO.

I actually tried to use ****** Real Estate Agency initially but the lady I spoke to was rude and told me we could never find renters for our tiny home. Not to mention, the fees were far higher than the online communities. We took matters into our own hands and proved her wrong last summer during our first season. We’ve always marketed our home as a family friendly, ‘party prohibited’ property. We’ve taken several extra precautions to ensure things don’t get out of hand in our absence.

I know some believe AirBnB and VRBO shouldn’t exist as people take advantage and destroy homes. That might be the case with some properties, but we should be careful when generalizing. We shouldn’t ban rentals on those platforms. Instead, punish those homeowners that lack common decency to maintain their properties.

I work for a tech-based real estate brokerage. I can tell you that sites like AirBnB and VRBO are going to be the norm. Rather than combating them, we should find ways to work with them so its a win-win for everyone.

I hope on June 3rd you open the community up to all rental platforms and if/when a homeowner abuses the kindness of this community, hold them accountable instead of punishing everyone.

Tom Lewis: *****, it looks like you are one of the co-founders of ****** Real Estate Agency. I wasn’t trying to start a rift, simply pointing out that I personally had a bad experience and as a result went a different route. This happened over a year ago so not sure it’s reasonable to expect me to remember who I spoke to at the time. So yes, a mystery person for sure but 100% a poor customer experience. Overseeing a large national real estate team myself, I know Agents come and go and often one or two bad eggs don’t reflect the brand as a whole. At the same time, when consumers have options it only takes one sour experience to get them to explore those options.

I was truly considering ****** at the time because I wanted to be more hands off and have a local broker handle the process for me. Instead after my poor experience, I gave AirBNB a try. It ended up being more economical for me and the fact that I can rate guests is a huge plus! I often look at guest ratings when deciding to accept a booking. There’s definitely a trade off as I need to be a little more hands on but it’s worth the savings.

Karen Perna: Renters will go to other shore towns that are lifting rental bans. They will spend their money there, and not in Brigantine.

Wayne C. Achey: Lift the ban. Business needs the revenue. Wait staff needs the tips. Homeowners need income to pay the taxes.

CDC says surface spread is not likely as large an issue as once thought. Why wait until June?

Lois Allen: As a Brigantine homeowner from New York, I won’t be bullied by the elitists who think they own the island but couldn’t afford to live there without us “shoobies” who pay the taxes!

Liz Pfuhl Cunningham: Homeowners are allowing non-homeowners to stay at their places. You can see it all over the island. Small gatherings with no protection. Don’t see how anything can be enforced. Should open up and at least help the economy. Full timers can’t sustain the island economy. Hard fact.

What does Brigantine’s Chamber of Commerce think about all this? Local business wants to know. Chamber of Commerce Director, Angela Reynolds, keeping a low profile thus far.

Kate ORiely: The island is crowded enough right now just from second home owners. If you add short term rentals you will add thousands more people. We used to have a farmers market to reduce ACME crowds, but our City Council is being RIDICULOUS not to allow the Farmers Market.

Terry Nalbone: I own and I have a rental in Brigantine with very nice tenants that come back every year. We’re going to have alot of houses not paying their taxes. Everybody’s going to lose. Even the town of Brigantine will lose on rentals. People have to get back to work or we will have a depression.

Arlene Erbacher: My family has a rental property in Brigantine. We have the same tenants every summer. These people are conscientious enough to keep themselves safe while here in our beautiful city, and for God’s sake, if some member of their immediate family is sick, they WON’T come down. No problem with getting their deposit back. Open the island so mom and pop business owners can have a chance to survive.

Andrew Scott: As other shore towns reopen their short term rentals, households traveling to beach to occupy another household, seems relatively low risk.

As long as STRs, short term rentals, are cleaned/disinfected and ventilated between use (as should be done), I don’t see an issue with letting people choose to rent & occupy. Those that book properties made decision that risk is low and they’re willing to come and enjoy beautiful Brigantine.

CDC says coronavirus ‘does not spread easily’ via contaminated surfaces. This is very important regarding short term rentals, motels & hotels.

Jeffrey Watt: 46 billion dollars will flow into the Jersey shore economy in the next three months. Does Brigantine want its portion? Or does Brigantine want to send that money somewhere else?

Looks like we’ll be skipping the Brigantine Farmer’s Market this year too. We already stopped eating out, stopped eating fast food and going into any store. Not because we’re afraid of a virus, but because of the stupid rules.

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13 thoughts on “Brigantine Keeps Short-Term Rental Ban Until at Least June 3”

  1. On Memorial Day, it is especially fitting to note how the actions of the Brigantine City Council actions desecrate the memory of the 100’s of thousands who gave their lives so that we may enjoy individual liberty and freedom. You should all read the Constitution and Bill of Rights, or have someone read it to you and explain exactly what these documents mean and how your actions openly flaunt them.

  2. We agree. It’s time to open up short-term rentals. Yes, this is a challenging risk/reward assessment. We walk south-end beaches every day and have been impressed by how respectful 99% of our fellow beach goers are about maintaining safe spacing.

    It appears we have learned a lot about common sense management. It’s time for Brigantine to begin the complicated dance back to being ‘open for business’.

  3. To the three rental property owner Dr and all else who own multiple rental units in Brigantine; stick it out, by the end of the year and into the next the COVID-19 pandemic which lead to the current economic crisis will soon lead to a housing crisis. When that happens you will be able to scoop up distressed properties like you did after 2008. Look at the bright side, by next summer season you can go from three rentals to six!
    Hopefully our laborers/tenants can earn enough to rent your units.

  4. If city council advised last meeting that they gave the managing director the ability to open short term rentals without a council meeting what is the purpose of the june 3rd meeting? To say no?
    You full time residents remember this at election time because the shoobies cant vote these officials out but you can.

    1. I was looking at a second home in Brigantine but after seeing all the negative posts about out of state people coming to vacation here, decided to look at a different shore town. The taxes are high and property values don’t appreciate like the other shore towns and then to see the locals don’t like us, it was a no brained to move on. I do agree, the mayor has the right to make tough choices and if he feels it is unsafe to open then he should go with it and the property owners will just have to take it on the chin. It seems to be a town that has spent more then they take in and in turn will have to fix their problems. Not with my money though.

  5. I cannot believe how Brigantine City Council is acting. Obviously you have no regard for your seasonal businesses.

    This will be our 6th year of renting in your fair city. We spend lots of money when we are there. I find it suspicious that you have a realtor on your city council, conflict of interest I would say.

    The cleaners who clean our rental are stellar! I am very disappointed by your behavior.

  6. Why is Brigantine Chamber President (Angela Reynolds) opposed to the Brigantine Farmer’s Market? It’s a great event which should continue.

    1. Farmers market is too close, not enough distance, are you not taking this pandemic seriously!!! The Mayor is in hospital for serious procedure, have some respect, I am sure Mr. Sera knows what to do, People just don’t understand how bad this pandemic is until it hits you!!

      1. stop calling it a pandemic. 103k dead in a population of 335 million. its a smaller death rate than suicide, so let’s not overdramatize, ok david muir?

        this went from staying on surfaces for weeks, to days to hours, and now in direct sunlight (which is where farmers market takes place btw, OUTDOORS) it lasts minutes tops.

        look at demographic of those most affected…elderly, with severe health issues. A few outliers in there? yes, just like people die from the flu, or a common ailment that just happens to be the perfect concoction for unfortunate life loss.

        if you do not feel safe to go back out and resume some normalcy of life, stay indoors. if you do feel like this sheltering in place is worse both mentally and financially that will put you in a worse spot than you were before the shutdown? well then you go ahead out and get back to it.

        this has gone on long enough and people need to LIVE, not just survive. quality of life is something to consider here.

        do we stay locked down until a vaccine? what if it never emerges? then herd immunity is what is required. people need to start exposing themselves to elements again…life is not lived in a bubble.

  7. Why is the sea wall closed? We can shop at Wawa but not walk across the sea wall to access the beach? Makes no sense to me. Why do you punish us?

  8. Dog park should be open NOW! Brigantine is full of dog owners. Our dogs need lots of exercise and walks just won’t do it. They need to play and run.

    To let them run on the beach is illegal and can cause dangerous problems. The park allows us to keep a lot of room for social distancing and we will wear masks.

    This is sheer stupidity!

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