Brigantine LAGUNA Grille Badly Damaged – OCT 30

The Laguna Grille at 14th street felt the full brunt of Hurricane Sandy. Please say a prayer for Rip Reynolds and the crew at Laguna.

laguna grille brigantine sandy damage

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6 thoughts on “Brigantine LAGUNA Grille Badly Damaged – OCT 30”

  1. Rip, Chris, Hank, Heather and Crew…we share in your devastation. You are in our prayers. We are wiping away our tears. We pray that you are all safe. Gina and Gail

  2. As a new resident as of July, I am so sorry to see one of my favorite restaurants so badly damaged by Sandy. Here’s hoping you’ll be good as new once again real soon.
    Helen & Joe Troxell
    Moon Bay

  3. Our poor Laguna! We were looking forward to coming for New Year’s Eve again this year! Our prayers are heading your way!

  4. My husband and I were married here. We return every year to celebrate. Devastated to see its destroyed. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you recover…and someday rebuild.

  5. di Sabatino, Giugliano, Munick Family

    So sorry to see our fav beachside restaurant damaged. Our family has wonderful memories from years of visits. We look forward to your rebuild.

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