Brigantine Links to Debut Foot Golf.

Brigantine Foot GolfA sign of things to come? With traditional golf slipping a bit each year, The Links at Brigantine is thinking OUT of the box. WAY out of the box.

FOOT GOLF is mix between golf and soccer and it’s coming to our municipal golf course. This is in addition to 18 holes of regular golf.

Foot Golf has been wildly successful since it premiered at various facilities over the past few years. The Links at Brigantine is next. Every week this new sport is gaining in popularity. Will it catch on in Brigantine? It’s certainly worth a try.

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Links to Debut Foot Golf.”

  1. As a person who grew up playing Golf and Soccer. I was excited by this and even signed up. The unfortunate thing is that they ended up cancelling it and didn’t notify anyone. It’s frustrating when you have this event, promote it through different articles and the like, only to cancel it and not notify the people that signed up. Additionally, when we did play we weren’t too welcomed by the actual golfers. We had a pairing a number of times, seeing us and hitting into us (and we were running after each shot to get to our ball so it’s not like we were moving slowly). Immediate takeaway was that it was a fun experience, but the way it was controlled was very poor.

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