Brigantine to Lose Macedonian Grill. After 11 years, Shutting Down.

Say it ain’t so. After 11 delicious years in Brigantine, The Macedonian Grill is closing it’s doors. The lease is up at their 31st street location. Dimitrios Dounoulis, better known as Jimmy, decided not to renew it. But God willing, Jimmy will relocate at some point in the near future, but it will NOT be in Brigantine.

Might be a good time to enjoy Macedonian Grill in Brigantine one last time, before Jimmy shuts down later this week.

Editors Note: Message to Brigantine City Planning Board, Business Chamber, Economic Development Committee, Councilmembers and especially Mayor Phil Guenther: Get your act together. Stop the bleeding. You all have failed miserably. Stop the mass exodus of beloved Brigantine business from this beautiful island. We must become more business & tourist friendly. It’s critical for a robust Brigantine economy. Six figure employee salaries, bloated staffing, insider deals, harrassment, self-enrichment, and over-development of McMansions on every square inch of Brigantine is terribly short-sighted. The island needs amenities, retail & attractions in order to protect Real Estate values and keep Brigantine an island you’ll love for life. 

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11 thoughts on “Brigantine to Lose Macedonian Grill. After 11 years, Shutting Down.”

  1. Thank you for great food and service! We are shocked and very saddened to hear this news. Brigantine Chamber of Commerce should be ashamed!

  2. First the gas station that provudes free gas getting treated badly, now great restaurant leaving, maybe we need a different council

  3. Great place, great service and great owner. Let’s open a Greek/ Middle Eastern place. I grew up with Middle Eastern food.


  4. summer isn’t going to be the same w/out Macedonia Grill. Thanks for the best meals on the island. ❤️I also feel the same way the editor does… Mayor and some council members have allowed greed and shortsightedness to drive away businesses and families. Shame. How do you sleep at night?

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