Brigantine Loses City Manager Stinson, Escapes to Ventnor as DPW Chief.

As reported last week…. the City Manager of Brigantine, Ed Stinson…..has successfully escaped the infamous, Brigantine City Hall. Mr. Stinson will soon become the next Superintendent of Public Works and City Engineer for the City of  VENTNOR.

Ed will begin his position on March 19th prior to the retirement of current Ventnor Superintendent of SPW, Dave Smith.

Ed is the brother of Mike Stinson, CFO of Atlantic City.

Ed will begin his Ventnor position on March 19th prior to the retirement of current Superintendent Dave Smith.

Odd that Mr Stinson is leaving his beloved Brigantine. But as we all know, working inside Brig City Hall…. with Councilman Simpson & Mayor Guenther.. is NOT an easy thing to do…..especially if you have scruples.

Guenther & Simpson have allegedly chased away Stinson, as well as Ron Jaworski.

As City Manager and City Engineer for Brigantine, Stinson was responsible for administrating all municipal affairs.

Ed is a certified public works manager and licensed professional engineer who has practiced as a municipal and utility engineer in Atlantic County for more than 20 years.

Congrats to Mr. Stinson. He’s a good man.


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4 thoughts on “Brigantine Loses City Manager Stinson, Escapes to Ventnor as DPW Chief.”

  1. Sad to see Stinson go, great asset to the city lost now. That being said, stick to the topic instead of your personal agenda to once again throw a jab against the golf course with the Jaworski comment. Jaws is in the golf business to MAKE MONEY…he wasn’t going to suddenly make the golf course Pine Valley. He was going to make his profits and scoot out after the contract was up. Stop picking on the course…IT IS PAID OFF NOW, go pick on something else. THE GOLF COURSE IS AN ASSET, AND NOT A TAXPAYER BURDEN…that stings to hear, doesn’t it. Maybe instead of just pointing out what is supposedly wrong, come up with solutions in your bashing posts… that you NEVER attach your name to.

      1. Bob, firstly thank you for putting your name to your post and not doing it anonymously. I own a summer home in Brigantine, aka second home. So I do not have voting rights…which irritates me but that is a different topic. All that being said, I AM a golfer, and I do play the course. Whether I golf or not though, the course is an asset. How many towns can boast that they have a golf course…let alone a beach town…and one that is now owned, free and clear. Sure, it was irritating the last few years that the course cost money rather than produce revenues. But it didn’t cost nearly the avalanche of money they would have you believe from the articles they ‘manufactured’ here. Pennies on the tax dollars…a blip on the radar compared to what the city payroll is in that town. Now that there is no debt service associated with the course, it will make money moving forward…aka it will not be a topic of discussion as to why the taxes are what they are. Just because you may not golf, does not mean it is not an asset. I do not drive on the beach, I do not think people should be driving on the beach anyway, yet there are 4×4 permits that are sold, and they bring revenue into the city. So how can I say it is not an asset, just because I don’t drive on the beach?? THAT is the crux of my point…just because you may not necessarily golf doesn’t mean the course isn’t a valuable amenity to the town.

        1. Jaws is not the answer for the golf course. I live near his Valleybrook golf course and t-times there are stacked up ridiculously close to each other. Five and six hour rounds are not uncommon. There is no oversight on the course. Outings and golfers appear out of nowhere. Hit and wait. Not withstanding that problem, I do give him kudos for golf maintenance. A community golf course is definitely a plus, even if just for open space.

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