VIDEO: Brigantine & The Great March Storm of 1962.

Great March Storm of 1962, one of the most destructive storms ever to affect Brigantine and the mid-Atlantic states.

Brigantine has endured many storms since its development in the early 1900’s. However, the 1962 Northeast storm proved to be devastating to the island’s infrastructure – One of the best documented storms in New Jersey’s history as well.

One of the ten worst storms in the United States in the 20th century, it lingered through five high tides over a three-day period.

The aftermath of the Storm of 62 in Brigantine was filmed by resident Lou Barone. Pretty sure it was shot on Super 8 film. It was available for sale many years ago, but no longer. It was available for viewing…only if you visited the Brigantine Historical Museum. 

That’s why BrigantineNOW has scoured the Internet looking for snippets of this incredible documentary.