More Full Time Firefighters Could Mean Higher Taxes

Brigantine hired two new, full-time firefighters recently. They were sworn in at Wednesday’s council meeting. The Brigantine Fire department now consist of 30, full time employees. The Mayor wants more full-timers. The council majority wants a mix of full & part-timers. Indeed, Mayor Guenther is standing firm on his promise, no matter what the cost, to support hiring more full time firefighters even if taxpayers had to carry that burden.

Mayor said the part-time firefighter experiment has not worked. Other council members disagree.

Other members reminded the Mayor that a qualified part time firefighter can accomplish the same thing without such a taxpayer burden.


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10 thoughts on “More Full Time Firefighters Could Mean Higher Taxes”

  1. Long Time Part Timer

    There is no way these posted salaries and quantity of people is real for a small island like Brigantine. Someone has to be posting these as a joke just like ShoobyTuesday to get a rise out of people. Maybe in tough locations like Phila, NY, or Detroit this would be reasonable, not on a beach island that has maybe 3 months of tough visitors fighting over parking spots and spots in line at the ice cream shops.

  2. Another Part Timer

    What is the justification for the number of police and fireman and their salaries, for an island that is occupied 30% of the time? Might I suggest that during the off season, 70% of the staff get laid off.

    The 70%er’s need to unite and take a stand. Taxation without representation was created to prevent the local folks from losing their rights, which makes sense. However, this is utter abuse.

    1. There are thousands of people who live on that island year round to make that island work for your so called “70%”. They spend their entire year working to make that island what it is for people like you all to visit. Could someone explain how it is fair for people who spend only a matter of weeks on the island to say they have earned a say in what goes on on that island? You certainly haven’t put in the time or the effort into bettering that island. You don’t work there, your kids don’t go to its schools, you don’t help in its volunteer organizations, beach cleanups, etc. All you all did was buy a secondary piece of property.

      Now, you feel that because you bought a SECONDARY piece of property that is NOT your primary residence, you are entitled to some sort of say in what goes on. Because you contribute a little to its economy, you feel you have earned some rights, just like in your hometowns. Thousands of people kindly contribute to that economy. However, you haven’t earned any rights there by buying property, except to enjoy the island and what it has to offer. You especially haven’t earned the right to trample on the rights of those who make that island possible for sometimes overly-entitled visitors.

      So, if you feel this isn’t fair, you all have three options:

      1. you can make Brigantine your primary residence and contribute year round
      2. quit your whining and accept that you are at the good grace of the people who work hard and stick it out year round
      3. sell your property

      Look at it this way, you all wouldn’t want a bunch of out-of-town people to dictate how things should be run in your hometowns, especially when all they do is visit for a few weeks out of the year. What makes you all think it is acceptable to do just that to those who grind it out on that island throughout all 52 weeks of the year?

      1. Your perspective is interesting, but….it has absolutely nothing to do with the inflated number of police and fireman and their outrageously high salaries for an island that is populated 30% of the time. Even the 30%’ers, who are not connected politically agree that there is a problem.

      2. Hey Former Resident, why don’t you come back to Brigantine, buy a house & contribute for our hefty tax bill? or is that why you’re a former resident? lemme guess, another new Floridian escaping high NJ taxes ? FL doesn’t tax NJ pensions.

    2. Taxation without representation? Where does it state that you have voting rights anywhere other than your primary residence? Should you get to vote 5 times if you own 5 properties in Brigantine? If you want to vote in Brigantine, make Brigantine your primary residence.

  3. former resident

    why should time spent on the island be the determining factor in terms of “say”? why not tax dollars or maybe the right way to operate versus the wrong way?

    your love it or leave it argument is lazy, tired and regressive.

    the main questions
    1. do you think it should cost $6.8M in police and fire for 9,400 full time residences ($3.4M in fire and $3.4M)
    2. do you think its just a coincidence that the total number of and total salary for both fire and police are the same, 34 and $3,4M?

  4. I agree. Too many Fire and Policemen….and what they get paid is nuts. They need to look into what A.C might do, and turn over the Police to the county. This would bring the scale of pay way back down to earth.

    The Police and Fire are riding the Brigantine gravy train.

    I’m a former resident and can’t believe what I see!

    I think it’s funny that in Florida, the average Policeman starts at about $30,000.

  5. I am a full time resident, property owner. We moved from a very good area 3 times the size of Brigantine. Our previous hometown has a volunteer fire department and no local police. . State Police only.The fire department was number one in Pa.There are so many issues in Brigantine that are so out of whack it is disgraceful. We certainly do not need 38 policeman 30 fireman or any firemen. . It should be volunteer. i’m positive volunteers could handle 2 fires … Keep a few Emt.. employees. . Police force is ridiculous. .. the pay scale is outrageous. ..Phila. doesn’t make what these guys make and the risk is a fraction of a big city.City employees pay scale is crazy I know first hand…You don’t need to be a full time resident to have feelings or a say in what should be going on… If you are a tax payer that is all that matters. ..These small minded people that shun part time owners are the people that have family working in city hall. ..When will we join together and demand this thievery to end. .Praise to the few Council members that have changed some of the business as usual… we have a long way to go fixing this dishonest budget and pay scale… only the city employees will be able to afford to live here if we close our eyes much longer. ..Please speak out at Council meetings. .. write letters.. talk to your representatives. ..make a difference. .. This city is raping all of us that aren’t on their payroll…Do the math …how many calls and how many fires. .. look at the cost of so many employees. ..VOLUNTEER….

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