Brigantine Mayor Keeps Republican Candidates Away From Debate.

Afraid to debate? That’s the whisper around the Island. Brigantine Republican Chairman Paul Busco says the GOP organization, lead by 26 yr Mayor Phil Guenther, doubts whether a candidates debate scheduled for OCT 29 would be conducted fairly and impartially. The event was to be run by the League of Women Voters, well known for conducting fair and impartial events.

With growing taunts of being called ‘Philthy Phil’, Brigantine’s Mayor Guenther told Busco to decline invitations to debate.

Phil Guenther NJ Assembly

Why the change of heart? Those close to the situation believe the four (R) candidates would not fare well against the 4 (D) candidates. ‘It could be a slaughter’ says a life-long resident of Brigantine who typically votes Republican in Brigantine…but not this year. ‘While the 4 (R) candidates are lovely people, they really don’t have the skills needed to be a good community leader. I’m sorry to say that.’

The Democratic team of Delucry, Withers, Heil & McClay would mop the floor with those 4 Republican candidates, says another Brigantine resident who prefers to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

As seen in the Shore News Today: “Since the Republican Council candidates are hiding from the opportunity to stand up and tell the voters what they’d do if elected, I’ll do it for them: They’d say and do whatever Andy Simpson tells them,” said Councilman Richard DeLucry (D). Councilman Simpson did not respond to the accusation by press time.

Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther

The Republican leadership team of Guenther and Simpson claim they’ve asked the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce to sponsor a candidate’s forum event. No way, says a spokesperson for the Brigantine Chamber; Angela Reynolds. She has no knowledge of such a forum. Jerry Szucs of the Brigantine Democratic Club says he wasn’t aware of any alternative candidate forums, but would love to do both, if possible.

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