Brigantine Needs to Release Organizational Chart

Wake up call to all Brigantine residents. City manager needs chiefs of the police, fire and beach patrol to cooperate with her. Are you kidding me?

City Manager must effectively deal with insubordination issues. Replace those that are either incapable or unwilling to work with the City Manager in a cooperative and efficient manner.

The City of Brigantine needs a single, competent person (call him or her whatever you like) is needed to run each department, each of whom would report directly to the City Manager.

We should be looking to streamline the reporting functions within each department and equipping its staff with the best suited technology to enhance the management, communication  and  productivity of each operating unit under the supervision of it’s own department head who reports directly to the City Manager who should have the authority to hire, fire and replace those individuals as circumstances dictate without regard to seniority.

You don’t improve  communications and  efficiency of a small organization by adding layers of management to it. The City needs to stop its politicizing over this matter and get to the real root of the problem and fix it.

How we the residents and taxpayers of the city of Brigantine ever let this get to this point is on us and shame on all of us for not being able to have demanded an end to this lunacy long before now.

Before we potentially make matters even worse I challenge each an every resident and taxpayer to demand that the City make public the position descriptions and an organization chart showing the duties and responsibilities of each  staff position, supervising and management position within each department and an overall organization chart depicting those responsible for managing the City of Brigantine’s operations and who they report to.

I know this has probably already been asked for by others without any success either because it doesn’t exist or the city purposely doesn’t want to publicize it.

As a final note to all, under the freedom of information act each one of us can file individual requests for this information with the city clerk. 

I hope to get this published in both the Brigantine Times and the Beachcomber as well as in the Atlantic City Press.

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