Brigantine Beach Replenishment SUCCESS

The north end of Brigantine Beach is huge. That’s what you’ll think after seeing how successful the recent beach replenishment project turned out. Thank you Army Corps of Engineers! Click thru to see pics. While we totally understand that a nasty nor’easter could eat away at this freshly enlarged beach, we still love it anyway. Maybe we’ll now consider a more permanent solution: a new jetty?

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5 thoughts on “Brigantine Beach Replenishment SUCCESS”

  1. Great job! Beautiful beach ! New jetty sounds good. Hopefully FEMA will give us some good news soon about the V zone. They sure were quick to send out bad news concerning cuts in funding.

  2. All the north end beach need now is more piped in water for cleaning up adults and children after a beautiful day at the beach. One is not enough.

  3. Ooops, somebody forgot to tell mother nature not to touch the sand. Put a jetty in, that will work. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….

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