Brigantine Could Oust Public Safety Director on March 5

Beachcomber News reporter; Mike Feely, reports: It took a petition by Concerned Citizens of Brigantine, but members of City Council unanimously agreed to consider an ordinance to remove the position of Public Safety Director from the Code of the City of Brigantine. Council had been stuck in the water and had failed to move forward on this issue, which has dragged on for over a year.

The ordinance states “that the position, office, title, powers and duties of the Director of Public Safety as established in 3-43 of the Brigantine City Code are hereby repealed and abolished.”

The action is part of a process that was initiated by City Clerk Lynn Sweeney’s certification of a petition presented in favor of the removal. Based on statute, council had 20 days to either approve or not, which they did Thursday night. However, the approval was for the “Introduction of the Ordinance” which now requires additional public comment before council votes to adopt the ordinance. This will take place in two weeks at council’s next regular scheduled meeting on Wednesday, March 5.

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1 thought on “Brigantine Could Oust Public Safety Director on March 5”

  1. I attended a council meeting on labor day weekend, and it was the biggest circus I ever saw. Any forwarded movement by this council was probably by mistake.

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