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Criminal Charges for Pirate’s Den Burglar

In the early morning hours of October 22, 2019, a subject unlawfully entered the Pirate’s Den Restaurant and committed a theft while the establishment was closed.

Members of the Patrol Division were later notified by the Pirate’s Den staff once the burglary was discovered.

Patrol officers called Det. Ferris to the scene where he collected both physical evidence and video surveillance for processing.

After an investigation that lasted just under two weeks, Det. Ferris issued charges for burglary, theft, and criminal mischief for George Dean, Jr., a 31 year old male from Port Republic.

Dean was served his charges at the Atlantic County Justice Facility, where he is currently being held on charges from other jurisdictions.

These charges are merely an accusation and not proof of guilt. In all criminal cases a charged defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty

As a reminder, anyone with information on a crime or wishing to report a crime can anonymously contact the Brigantine Police Department 609-266-7414 or Atlantic County Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1-800-658-8477

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3 thoughts on “Brigantine PD & Detective Efforts Nab Pirate’s Den Burglar”

  1. Glad to see now the tourist n summer residents are gone the$100.000.00 a year cops can actually do real police work. Hope they won’t expect a raise? On the non sarcastic side. Good work!!!!!

  2. Hello Amy.. I would like to talk to you about abuse of power. How The Division of Family Service in Atlantic County uses their power to split families up. Today this adept took away a 2 yr old son from a wonderful family. Jackie Lussa has been after this family like if she was hunting down a meal. Mrs Kennedy I’ll be the first one to jump if I know of anyone being abuse. But my hand up to the most holy this Dept have use their power to either get a bump up the scale or they are just discriminating against two great parents because of the way the look. This is sad. The ages 2 to 5,’Are very crucial for a family to bond. I was put as a watchman to this family I had to give up everything just so I can keep this family from being alone with their child. Now in other circumstances I would agree that there are so people that should not be parents. But here they knew that these folks are great parents. She could off check the child for bruses or she could of observe the family but no they didn’t do anything like this. This child is love so much that when they took this child from his mother it broke all of our hearts she to see the pain. She looked at me and said this is what getting hit by a train feels like. Is a shame that these woman used their power to destroy a family. Because we are poor we live in a Hotel but one thing I can tell you that money does not bring love. Loving your child and having some one tell them that they can’t be alone with their child is crazy. They had this plan. They wanted to take this child and they used their power to achieve that. How hard was it for them to get them a car seat a car seat that they promised would be here today by 10am and 2,pm the car seat never came and Jackie refused for us to buy him one. So they already had it plan to take this child. The screams this kid made when he was pulled away from the arms of his mother made us all cry, except for the Dyfys people they never wanted to help they wanted to break this family up. They convinced the judge and they even refused to take the little boys brother which his 19. This was an abuse of power they would sit across the street and throwing their dept around people would let them park there. This is a great baby then they had 4 police cars out here like these folks are violence. I had to run to the pharmacy 5 minutes I couldn’t take the baby with me they never wanted for us to have a car seat cause the game they played they limit me going out and they had me like if I was on house arrest. Something has to change. Just because you work for a dept does not make you right. Feelings emotions love. And everyone here knows how great this kid is treated some kids should be so lucky. These folks are horrible. When I worked for the ambulance I called them 4 xs but they never did anything about it. The family moved but they never came to the north side of Atlantic City African American baby are being ignored and these kids were being abused. But this kid that we all love his kid is yank from his parents arms. I want a lawyer and hopefully I can make a difference by sitting an hr or 2 or the whole day and observe not pop up and think I know what’s going on when I don’t spend time with a family. Families have to be observed and you need to know and pick up on things. These lady’s have no idea who and how much this little boy is love and here is this mom going crazy crying that someone else has her son a life she brought into this world and how they didn’t care who they hurt they did this on purpose to get a boost and to hurt this family with a gift that God had blessed this family with. Please Mrs Kennedy Help us. Please. You can call us at 609 992-2949 . Yours truly Rey Carmona..

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