Brigantine Planning Board Update. Waterfront Re-Development.

This Non-Condemnation Redevelopment Plan [Redevelopment Plan or Plan) has been prepared for the City of Brigantine, New Jersey for property known as the Waterfront Redevelopment Area

The area along the back bay from, but not including the North End Redevelopment Area to the Brigantine Bridge.

Roughly 33,000 feet. Area begins across Brigantine Bridge continuing around SL George’s Thorofare, roughly 11,000 feet.

The 44,000 lineal feet of Redevelopment Area encompasses the land area necessary to construct or reconstruct bulkheads to protect the City and the individual properties they will be constructed on from flooding and storm surges.

The Redevelopment Area abuts a variety of uses including residential, multifamily and commercial uses. The study area is approximately 220,000 square feet in area (five acres), which assumes a minimum five-foot-wide strip of land to construct bulkheads.

Brigantine Waterfront Redevelopment Plans

2.0 Vision, Goals and Context 2.1 Vision and Purpose

The purpose of the Redevelopment Plan is to promote the construction or reconstruction of bulkheads in the Waterfront Redevelopment Area through a public/private partnership to ensure that the City is protected from flooding and storm surges. The City intends to issue bonds or notes to assist in financing the cost for permitting, designing, constructing or reconstructing bulkheads in the redevelopment area. The City intends to collect a special assessment to reimburse the City for the cost of permitting, designing, constructing and other associated costs. The time period for the repayment of loans is ten (10) years for residential properties and thirty (30) years for commercial marina properties.

The main goal in adopting this Redevelopment Plan is to provide a financing mechanism for property owners in the Redevelopment Area to construct or reconstruct needed bulkheads. In addition to this main goal the Redevelopment Plan includes the following goals:

• Protect the City from flooding and flood surges.
• Insure that new and rebuilt bulkheads are constructed to the required height 9 feet NVGD or 8 feet NAVD 88.
• Encourage the use of sustainable building materials in the construction of new or rebuilt bulkheads.
• Ease permitting requirements by providing one State permit for all property owners.

No condemnation or land acquisition is necessary, no residents in the Redevelopment Area will be displaced, nor will any housing units affordable to low and moderated income households be removed for this Redevelopment Plan.

3.0 Land Use Plan for The Water Front Redevelopment Area

The proposed land uses in the Redevelopment Area are not intended to change under this Plan and the underlying uses and zoning remain in place. Requirements for the construction or reconstruction of bulkheads will be modified as outlined in this Plan.

No acquisition of land is proposed as part of this Redevelopment Plan. The Plan provides a funding mechanism for residents to construct or reconstruct bulkheads. The program is voluntary.

4.0 Redevelopment Provisions and its Relationship to the Land Use Code of the City

The design and performance standards of this Redevelopment Plan shall supersede and replace the zoning and development regulations of the City Land Use Ordinance. The zoning map of the City shall be amended upon the adoption of this Plan in accordance with N.).S.A.40A:12A-7c. In any instance in which this Redevelopment Plan’s regulations and standards do not address a particular land development control, or when specific reference to the Land Use Ordinance is made in the Plan, the standards of the Land Use Ordinance shall apply to the Redevelopment Area. If any provision of this Redevelopment Plan is determined by a court with appropriate jurisdiction to be invalid the remainder of the Plan will not be affected and shall remain in full force and effect.

5.0 Waterfront Redevelopment Plan Development Regulations

1. General Requirements

The Redevelopment Plan is intended to assist property owners in constructing or reconstructing bulkheads to protect the City from flooding and storm surges. It will also require that property owners use environmentally suitable materials in the construction of bulkheads.

Brigantine Waterfront Redevelopment Plans APRIL 2018

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  1. How big will the bulkheads be in total: height & width? How far above ground level? Will residents be paying for the bulkhead construction? Will the bulkhead affect the water view of property owners?

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