Brigantine Police Captain Files Suit against City

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Ray Cox

Ray Cox; the Brigantine police captain who had short term title of ‘acting chief’, has filed suit against the city.

According to The Press of Atlantic City, the lawsuit was filed on Friday in Superior Court. It alleges City Manager Jennifer Blumenthal demoted then-acting Chief Ray Cox in violation of local and state law “without any specification of charges, right to hearing … and without any adjudication of misconduct.”

Cox is seeking damages, attorneys’ fees, and to be restored as acting chief.

According to the suit, Cox temporarily filled several vacancies in the Police Department during Blumenthal’s vacation. When Blumenthal returned from vacation, she stripped Cox of his acting chief title. According to Blumenthal, Cox made these promotions without her approval. Blumenthal also said Cox was stripped of his acting chief title – not demoted – upon the recommendation of the city’s labor attorney.

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11 thoughts on “Brigantine Police Captain Files Suit against City”

  1. Maybe now residents will wake up and see how bad this City Manager (Ms. Blumenthal) is for the wonderful City of Brigantine. She is going to cost us even more money.

    She (Jennifer Blumenthal) has no contract, so why does council hold on to her? There has to be someone that is above her. How can she get legal help at a cost to the city? How can she hire a Public Safety Director at an additional cost to the City without speaking to anyone?

    She came in here and has acted like she OWNS the place. Amazingly, she doesn’t even live here. What does she care if the City is beginning to go down hill. She will up root and leave just like she did in Mt. Laurel.

    Wake up people. She is WRONG for Brigantine and all of us residents. She can plant some palm trees when you come onto the island. But has she done anything else?

    Why is it summer and the sea wall still looks like it does? Why are the 4×4 beaches (that we all pay a hefty price to drive on) not raked, or cleaned?

    Why are people paying even more to get towed out due to her lack of management? Where are the shells that used to be at every entrance? The answer: she spends where SHE wants to. It needs to stop. The employees and salaries aren’t killing the island, a worthless leader is.

    I think everyone should go to the next council meeting and DEMAND her resignation from the City.

    Hire our Chiefs. Let her take Mr. Howard right back up north with her. Chiefs save money because once they’re promoted, they lose ability to work overtime. That in and of itself, is a huge savings. She’s either too stupid to see that or just truly doesn’t care.

    Where are all of the applications that were supposed to come pouring in when she was supposed to put the ad in the paper? There never was an ad. Just her hiring a friend that she worked with in the past. He is now getting another pension… (double dipping). How’d she come up with a $70k salary when he’s supposed to be for the summer only? He should have a hourly pay rate. He doesn’t even know this City. We’re supposed to let this man run 3 very important departments where peoples lives are at stake?

    I hope in the open forum more people ask her these questions, we live here, we pay taxes, this is OUR Brigantine, let these outsiders leave before they ruin our beautiful City! (and Jennifer, take the palm trees with you)

      1. Public Safety Supporter

        The Republican majority council hired her, and why???? Because the prior City Manager retired. Guess her qualifications looked good on paper. THIS was the best of the applicants?

  2. Great letter above. I know the similar feeling, different rank though. This is called politics, maybe “dirty”. Sadly, this happens in both government and in private industry. I have other comments, but they can’t be printed here. Good luck, Brig Public Safety Depts. Lt.J.J. Tynan Ret. Brig. Police Dept. Long Key, Fl.(fl. keys)

  3. She is part of Pullela political machine… and all those geared towards “shady” Real Estate deals…. She WAS an Asst Mgr at her previous position and is not qualified for a Manager position. She just takes orders from Pullela…. the guy who watered down his alcohol and sold to patrons in Brigantine. NOW they are watering down key positions- LOL

    1. I’m a registered, independent voter. I lived in Brigantine from 1950 to 1992.

      When I retired from Brigantine Police Dept, I can look to the left and to the you look from the top on down on the left, starting w/Obama, check w/ current polls, one can see the left is not looking good. This action with the current chief of police action, smells like a democratic pay back, as I believe Capt. Cox happens to be on the right.

      Sad that politics in Brigantine are they way they are. They were not like this in my time there. I could extrapolate on this, but it may become unprintable.

      Good luck to Captain Cox
      J.J. Tynan, Retired. Lt. Brigantine P.D., Long Key, Florida

      1. Public Safety Supporter

        14T, Grew up in Brig, 50 year resident. I respectfully disagree with your comment “Sad that politics in Brigantine are they way they are. They were not like this in my time there”. It has ALWAYS been like that, just back in the day it was the Republicans in charge, not the Democrats. City jobs, promotions, etc were distributed by WHO you knew or your party affiliation, not by any advertisement or other criteria. Politics will be politics, especially small town. The fact that the “Good Ole Boys” are no longer in the majority irks many who benefited for decades. But what irks me personally is the outsiders being brought in that playing havoc with people’s lives. Maybe some changes DO have to be made from the old ways, such as fiscal responsibility to curb taxes, but throwing your weight around without just cause is wrong

        1. I may not have looked hard enough for a name of the person who responded to my comments recently,in re; to Brig Politics/Police Dept. demotions,etc..some points. were well taken.,.thanks for your opinion..If I knew who you were,I could be more specific at this venue w/names,etc…not sure if it would be printed..we’ll see..thank you..j.j. tynan Lt./ret. Brig. P.D. 1992… fmr brig res. 1950/1992..long key , fl.

  4. At one time I resided in Newark, DL which is located in New Castle County. At that time there were two city police departments in New Castle County. The two city PD’s were in Wilmington and Newark, Wilmington is a fair size city and Newark was a small city but also was home to the University of Delaware which during the school year added close to 20,000 residents to the city. The rest of the county was policed by a county department. Public safety worked well under this system. Transpose this to Atlantic County and the only city PD would be Atlantic City and like New Castle there would be a county PD with ONE chief! Even better would be to also look at Florida where most counties have a county fire department again with ONE chief. Is it time to look at something like New Castle County and most of Florida for Atlantic County?

    1. on Tom Carroll’s comment: it seems all viable options should be investigated. Your example deserves the research… especially if it saves us all from this dismal fiscal situation.

      1. TO; Mr.Carroll’s comments about Fl.’s chief’s, should live in the keys where I have been the last 20+yrs…We have city police chief’s,County Sheriff,Fl. “state” trooper’s,State Officer’s,Border patrol,customs,ICE,DOT,just to name a few land based depts. On the water,we have “creek dick’s”(fl. marine patrol),sanctuary officer’s,u.s. coast guard,misc federal water patrol agencies,plus the sheriff has a water div..just about every 10th boat or veh. you pass is somebody “official”!!The cost of these agencies is enormous,and what they produce is not made public,i.e. arrests made,etc..Maybe Brigantine Officials(politicians)should look here and see Brigantine is not TOP HEAVY in Public Safety..thanks for your time..j.j. tynan…p.s…the key’s are not that big..less then 100k people..

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