Brigantine Police Chief, Mayor & City Council Say NO to Beach Festival.

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A promising, new beach festival designed to grow the local economy was cancelled recently due to delays from the Brigantine Police Chief and City Council. That’s according to festival organizer Michael Feely.

The Brigantine Blues Foundation was planning a spectacular ‘Brigantine Blues, Brews & BBQ’ festival for Saturday, Sept. 19 on the 34th street beach.

Brigantine Mayor, Council and Police Chief say NO to Beach Concert.

Feely; a writer for the Beachcomber News, published the disappointing Brigantine news in his column this week. Feely, along with most residents & business owners, wanted this annual event for the city. It was designed to brand Brigantine as an exciting place to visit and live; bringing in thousands of visitors and exposing them to our community, beautiful beaches and incredible Real Estate values.

A big boost in traffic for local businesses, second home opportunities for Real Estate agents, and the resulting revenue will not happen, says Feely. 

“This is unfortunate for the city, its residents and homeowners,” Feely said in his Beachcomber News column. Feely hoped to fill a void left by the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce: run and promote a beach festival in order to boost sagging Brigantine home values, local business and visitors to our island.

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This bad news come on the heels of a long list of recent cancellations/shut downs/reductions on Brigantine Beach:

  • 4×4 SUV Beach Parade
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Kite Flying Event
  • Jet Ski Rentals
  • Horseback Riding
  • SharkPark Playground
  • Ice Cream Vendors
  • Kayak & Boat Rentals

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11 thoughts on “Brigantine Police Chief, Mayor & City Council Say NO to Beach Festival.”

  1. We just discovered Brigantine Island last year and are coming back again this summer. The island could be a gem of a vacation place with a little more activities and PUBLICITY! Everyone in Pittsburgh (home to us) knows of Atlantic City, but hardly anyone has heard of Brigantine. ADVERTISE! MARKET the exciting island as the haven from the hustle of the boardwalk crowd. Or don’t.

  2. I am exetremly upset. I have been doing these events with my older son for years. I had a baby Oct of last year and was looking forward to everything we have been doing to be part of his firsts. We get a new city manager and things change how dissappointing.

  3. Just another disappointment for the development of Brigantine. The island is starting to look like an abandoned mining town. The building that used to house Burger King has been sitting empty for years. Now along the main street entering town you have an abandoned 7-11 building, CVS, and Laragosta’s just to name a few. What a great impression of the island. The “Powers to Be” need to be replaced!

  4. Shame-Disgrace look at the other resorts what they do to promote their resorts…we still have the idiots in town that celebrate, Shobe Tuesday whats this, 1965?

  5. Unbelievable that Shark Park is not finished yet (6/15/2015). If we cannot finish with a volunteer team effort – it is time for the local government to step up and finish the job. Every town has a children’s playground – it is a crime that during summer vacation our children have no real playground to spend some good family time.
    Mayor and council should be ashamed of themselves – cannot even provide a playground for the children!!!!!!

  6. Why don’t you shut down the City of Brigantine! And why you are at it get rid of the entire people who run the City!

  7. Just went to a great Blues Festival in Media pa for the 10 th year in a row Super event with about 25 groups . Held outside also in Resturants & bars and town Theater. Rarely if any problems. About 1500 plus people attend.Check out media blues festival. Com
    Brigantine could do something similar but it is very doubtful that the present city council has interest in actually promoting Brigantine EG: the golf course.

  8. While I am sympathetic to the efforts to increase attractions to Brigantine Beach and improve the economy I couldn’t care less if I never see another 4×4 parade or jet ski event on the beaches. The noise, pollution and risk to pedestrians on the beach simply aren’t worth any value you may perceive these events bring.

  9. after 20 years in brigantine have finally had enough. Watched it grow and now watching it die.CHECKING OUT heading further south where politicians work with there communities to make it work and all feel welcomed. bye bye.

  10. We purchased our property in Brigantine 13 years ago as a 2nd home with the intension of making it our primary residence one day. I hope the trend of seeing businesses leave and activities disappear changes in Brigantine, or our retirement dream may have to find a different location.

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