Brigantine Police Report Stolen Car, Increased Vandalism & Burglaries

Brigantine Police. Crime

Brigantine Police Department issued a PUBLIC ADVISORY on April 25.

Within the past week, Brigantine PD received several complaints regarding motor vehicle burglaries and one stolen car.

Someone successfully broke into two vehicles near 40th st and Ocean Ave.. More than two were attempted. Vehicles were left trashed. Everything left open.

Brigantine Police warning residents to stay vigilant.

  • Lock your car doors
  • Secure & hide your valuables.

Brigantine PD: We remain proactive in our patrols, but we need your help in preventing future occurrences. Criminal opportunists are exploiting the national crisis at hand, so we need to take steps and precautions together in order to prevent crime in Brigantine.

Please do your part and secure your belongings and vehicles.

If you have a push-start vehicle, keep your keys out of range of the car so that no one can enter and/or start the vehicle.

Create a routine to make sure your cars are locked. Don’t become a victim.

If you observe suspicious activity or a suspected crime in progress, please contact Brigantine Police immediately.

Anyone with information on these or other crimes can anonymously contact:

Brigantine Police Department: 609-266-7414

Atlantic County Crime Stoppers Tip Line: 1-800-658-8477.

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