Brigantine Public Employee Salary 2017


  • Brigantine population in 2010 was 9,400. Estimates suggest 8,000 in 2017.
  • 175 positions of employment in Brigantine. That’s 3 more than 2016.
  • 34 police officers
  • 34 firefighters/emt’s
  • 44 employees with salary of $100,000+
  • 25% of Brigantine public employees make $100,000+
  • Total listed payroll is $11.5 million, an increase over 2016.
    • Amount doesn’t include total hourly wages, seasonal employees and overtime.
  • Longevity payout is $339,000
  • Total personnel costs + insurance, pensions, other employee comp: $17 million
  • Employee health insurance: $2.3 million
  • Total personnel costs are 77% of Brigantine Municipal budget.

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6 thoughts on “Brigantine Public Employee Salary 2017”

  1. 8 I.T. positions over $116,000. Enormous. Does Brigantine have an in-house software development group?
    The number of employees and salaries in I.T. is staggering.
    This doesn’t include vacation and sick days or health benefits.
    And I thought Margate was bad. wow!

  2. These figures are ridiculous. What a robbery of the permanent residents of Brigantine. At least 12 partime officers make $90-100k. Why?!? This is all a sham.

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