Brigantine Public Employee Salary 2017


  • Brigantine population in 2010 was 9,400. Estimates suggest 8,000 in 2017.
  • 175 positions of employment in Brigantine. That’s 3 more than 2016.
  • 34 police officers
  • 34 firefighters/emt’s
  • 44 employees with salary of $100,000+
  • 25% of Brigantine public employees make $100,000+
  • Total listed payroll is $11.5 million, an increase over 2016.
    • Amount doesn’t include total hourly wages, seasonal employees and overtime.
  • Longevity payout is $339,000
  • Total personnel costs + insurance, pensions, other employee comp: $17 million
  • Employee health insurance: $2.3 million
  • Total personnel costs are 77% of Brigantine Municipal budget.

Brigantine Salary NOV 7 2017.csv

Employee 2017PositionSalary/HourlyHired
City Council
Bew, Kmember$8,550 2015
DeLucry, Rmember$8,5502012
Guenther, Pmayor$11,0431991
Haney, Dmember$8,5502016
Riordan, Mmember$8,5502017
Sera, Vmember$8,5502015
Simpson, Adep mayor$9,1252013
City Manager
Boyer, Mpt - clerk$15 pr hr2017
Coffman, Madmin secretary$46,1002015
Krause, Dpt - QPAgent$12,0002016
O'Neill, Mpersonnel dir$62,5002016
Stinson, Emanager$125,0002015
Stinson, Eengineer$5,0502012
Tosto, Rchief finance off$110,2822015
Wineland, Dpt-planning bd bcc$9,5002016
City Clerk
Adams, Aadm sec$65,7902001
Holl, Apt - clerk$ 10 pr hr
Sweeney, LCity Clerk$76,6411999
Tax Collector
DeChristopher, Madm sec$61,7922004
Klemm, Sadm sec$61,7922005
Wineland, Dcollector$78,1151993
Beckner, Radm sec$69,5922004
Callari, Jinspector$17,2692010
Coyne, Mpt- zoning off$352015
Heenan, Kadm sec$34,3992016
McBride, Dpt- inspector$30 pr hr2012
Sokalsky, Mpt-inspector$30 pr hr2012
Stevens, Rofficer$88,5972005
Swerczynski, Ginspector$15,3002014
Wineland, Mpt - clerk$15 pr hr2017
Keena, Tadm sec$34,3992017
Maguire, Tjudge$28,8362015
Gottardi, Dadministrator$64,0002010
Fulmer, Rsrcentercoor$10,0002016
Manera, Nasst director$77,0001976
Mogan, Jdirector$83,2101997
Pennestri, Mpt - clerk$16 pr hr2014
OConnor, Kpt - clerk$12 pr hr2016
Stoltzfus, Esupervisor$53,0402005
Tax Assessor
Saccoccia, Bassessor$82,5001985
Wills, Padm sec$38,1652014
Blowers, JCcomptroller$69,2342000
Fire Prevention
Coilman, Jinspector$13.5 pr hr2007
Decry, Badm sec$61,7922004
Miller, Cinspector$13.5 pr hr2011
Paglione, Ainspector$13.52005
Simpson, Winspector$13.52007
Stanley, Jadm sec$64,0651996
Bergeron, rpt- dispatcher$17.5 pr hr2010
Dillon, Jdispatcher$43,3352016
Gebeline, Ssr dispatcher$72,4571999
Gebeline, S111dispatcher$67,6012002
Huenke, Edispatcher$67,6012003
Ingersoll, Hdispatcher$67,6012003
Kenney, Spt- dispatcher$17.5 pr hr2009
Lenhardt, Mdispatcher$68,3572001
Lewis, Mpt - dispatcher$182009
Repici. Jpt - dispatcher$14.52016
Sweeney, Cpt -dispatcher$162013
Tully, Tpt- Dispatcher$14.52017
Zuba, Jdispatcher$43,3362009
Public Works
Bell, RLOD, foreman$69,5921997
Blair, JLOD,$72,1171987
Borkowski, Lpt- laborer$112015
Boyd, Kadm sec$30,4002017
Buchbinder, Mlaborer$40,1862015
Conway, jpt - laborer$102016
DiMatteo, J jrLOD$72,1171986
Döring, Jsr foreman$75,5181981
Doring, Jjrsuperintendent$104,8991977
Flickinger, TjrLOD, mech$67,2432003
Ford, Llaborer$40,1862015
Fuller, Badm sec$62, 9281999
Gargel, Rlaborer$65, 7431999
Greene, LLOD$65, 7432006
Islam. Mlaborer$112015
Grossman, Jlaborer$31,0002016
Lakes. Wforeman$80,7381984
Laltrella, Kpt - laborer$102017
Marrandino. PLOD$72,1171988
McGrath, Jpt - laborer$44,3812015
McKenna, J .laborer$44,3812014
Mingoie, J srpt- laborer$112015
Mingoie, Jlaborer$40,1862015
Moore, GLOD, mech, license$93,7461990
Musumeci, Ladm sec$65,6402004
Brien, Mlaborer$40,1862015
Brien, Mforeman$75,5981988
Sanchez, WLOD$65,7432006
Sooy, Klaborer$43,3812014
Storino, Elaborer$43,3812014
Turner, Klaborer$40,1862015
Walsh, KLOD$70,7432005
Welch, JLOD$66,3432004
Williams, JLOD$56,1612014
Baldwin, Wofficial$119,4921994
Bordonaro, Tffemt$46,3892016
Cohen, Tffemt$101,2612003
Cooke, Sffemt$101,2612005
Cooker, Tjrffemt$89,7362011
Croce, Rffemt$106,8561994
Derrickson, Rffemt$101,2562007
Daley, TcapL$101,2562003
Doran, Kffemt$50,0862015
Driscall, KIt$116,6922001
Fisher, Bffemt$102,9292003
Fitzgerald, Kffemt$50,0862015
Frugoli, PIt$116,6922001
Fuller, Badm secretary$62,9281999
Fuller, Pcapt$130,9852003
Goff, Gffemt$101,2612003
Hardiman, Sffemt$48,1292016
Hopkins, Jffemt$104,3402005
Hurtt, DIt$116,6921999
Klemm, Jffemt$98,4562010
Kuchinsky, Wffemt$70,0482014
Laiclli, Zffemt$93,2762010
Lange, M jrIt$116,7022000
Maguire, Jcapt$136,1001990
Mafia, Cffemt$48,5492016
Murray, J IVffemt$1043402003
Newcomer, Jffemt$106,8561997
Newcomer, Tffemt$46,3892016
Platt, Tchief$143,6481997
Riley, Rffemt$104,0561983
Roberts, Rffemt$101,4562010
Solari. Ccapt$130,6041999
Worthington, H firefighter$68,3482014
Bennett, Jchief$143,6481992
Brown, Dadm sec$61,7922007
Campbell, Mpatrolman$48,3252016
Casamento,R jrIt$129,6922001
Corcoran, Aptm$45,8252016
Craver, Bptm$53,5252015
DeChristopher, L crossing guard2011
DeLeon, Rptm$102,7242001
Devine, Tptm$101,3242001
Fannon, Msergeant$118,3231994
Feehan, Bsgt$119,7231996
Felix, Cadm sec$67,0622001
Ferns, W jrptm$101,3242007
Finan, Mptm$100,3242007
Glasser, Jptm$99,4252007
Griffith, Ecrossing guard$102017
Hoffman, WIt$130,2381999
Hopf, Wcrossing guard$112006
Huot, Bptm$52,0252015
Hurst, Cptm$101,6242001
Hewitt, Fjrsergeant$116,9242000
Ludy, Cptm$98,8242005
Lyons, Jptm$95,4852011
McClaskey, PIt$126,9141999
Miller, Jcrossing guard$112013
Newcomer, Jptm$99,1252011
oDonoghue, Gptm$97,5652010
Pan as, Kptm$42,0252017
Pena, jr.ptm$47,7452016
Petillo, Jclass 11$152015
Powderley, Jptm$61,9252014
Rehill, Tcapt$136,9961994
Rote, Jptm$42,0252017
Rubino, Rcapt$139,9771994
Spina, Rsergeant$115,8231994
Sprague, Cptm$50,8252015
Stroby, Wacting sergeant$110,2242004
Sweet, Jptm$100,2642007
Ward. Ssergeant$114,1242007
Wodazak. TIt$129,6922002
Brigantine Salary NOV 7 2017.csv

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Bob Tuvock

I want a job with the city


These figures are ridiculous. What a robbery of the permanent residents of Brigantine. At least 12 partime officers make $90-100k. Why?!? This is all a sham.

john doyle

we are spending over 97k per employee for 175 employees at 17m payroll.


8 I.T. positions over $116,000. Enormous. Does Brigantine have an in-house software development group?
The number of employees and salaries in I.T. is staggering.
This doesn’t include vacation and sick days or health benefits.
And I thought Margate was bad. wow!


lt stands for lieutenant… in the Fire Department… Over-paid


lol, thanks