Brigantine Public Safety Fishes Out Car From Cove Waters

Vehicle Submerged at The Cove.

On January 31, the Brigantine Fire Department responded to reports of a submerged SUV in the waters off of Brigantine Beach.

With assistance from Brigantine Police, the vehicle was spotted in the waters just off ‘Cove beach’, adjacent to St. George’s Thorofare and lagoon.

According to Brig FD, the 2 occupants in the vehicle got out safely on their own. They ‘self extricated’ un-injured, but cold and wet. Both were treated.

At this point, the identity of both occupants have not been released. It’s unknown if alcohol or other drugs played a role in this incident.

Details on how and why this happened, still to be determined.

Other details: Brigantine Engine 1 secured the vehicle to a winch line to prevent further sinking. The vehicle was then safely pulled from the frigid waters by a private recovery / tow truck company.

Brigantine Social Media is buzzing about this harrowing incident:

“The female driving it passed by me on the cove entrance. She was driving fast and reckless. Almost hit me. I wouldn’t doubt alcohol consumption played a part.”

God Bless our Brigantine Police Officers and Firefighters!”

The Cove, Brigantine.

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