Brigantine Real Estate on Rebound

Brigantine real estate on the rebound? We think so. The shuttered Gulf gas station at the lighthouse circle has finally been sold. This is premium bay front property my friend. It’s a significant move that likely signals that a bottom has been hit. We’re on a strong rebound. The new owner wasted no time in tearing it down. Click thru to see pictures.

In addition, there’s a strong uptick in new home building on Brigantine Beach. Many lonely lots & structures are getting some much needed attention. The building and lot that housed the once great; Steak 38 restaurant, is getting closer to having a new owner. That is really big news if it comes to fruition.

Not only is this great new for local business, but this buying spree will likely spill over into the residential real estate market as well. Click below to see pics.

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