Brigantine Report Shows Over-Taxation, Employee Count UP.

The Brigantine City Council budget for 2016 is another whopper. Some surprising and record-breaking activity was revealed.

The municipal fund balance ending Dec 31, 2015 (surplus) was $5,334,840. That’s the highest amount in Brigantine’s history. According to the Brigantine Taxpayers Association, such an outsize amount of money is bad financial practice and is frowned on by the State. It’s a sign of excessive taxation and poor financial management. It’s money taken out of taxpayers’ pockets unnecessarily.

While there was small reduction of 1.54% in the local municipal tax rate, it shouldn’t be seen as brilliant bookkeeping oversight on the part of Brigantine City Council.

The Brigantine Mayor of over 25+ years, Guenther publicly admitted: “We had too much money appropriated in the wrong places. We created a mess.”

Guenther did try to place blame on his political opponents to no avail. The number don’t lie. Neither does a calendar. In 2015, the Republicans lead by Mayor Gunether & Councilman Simpson had the option of lowering taxes in a more substantial way. They did not.

Brigantine employees staffing is up. Full-time residents & students are down.

  • 311 employees in 2015
  • 329 employees in 2016

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329 employees in 2016 compared to 311 in 2015. Who is our Director of Human Resources?? Did the city of Brigantine seek out a candidate who is knowledgable and educated in Personal leadership and maintaining and expanding a non biased Human Resource dept? Surely our City Manager should know the importance of having a qualified Human Resource Director.. A Director who would not be friends or family with a select political party. We do not have a Human Resource/ Personal dept. listed on our City’s Web page. How do people apply for jobs? The days of hand picking friends and… Read more »

2nd home owner

there needs to be a meeting of second homeowners to come up with a plan to straighten out this corrupt town.. The FBI investigation in ocean city will happen here if things do not improve


Less residences should mean less municipal services….”One would think”.
Corporations that have less revenues cut back. But City of Brigantine with less revenues increase staff.
Are the City of Brigantine employees out in the sun too much. Really!
After Christie takes over Atlantic City, Brigantine will be next…..thank goodness.
Because I see bus loads of second homeowners going to Trenton from Brigantine.
Hopefully UEC is in the future of the Brigantine staff that are running the city into the sand.

Jim Dougherty

I don’t understand why the full time residents keep electing the incompetent mayor.


you don’t understand, Jim? Guenther gets elected by those that are employees or people that get “special favors”…. They make sure that they vote. The majority of Taxpayers cannot vote. I thought we had a Tea party in Boston because of this issue.