Brigantine Republican Candidates Caught Placing Illegal Signs. VIDEO.

VIDEO: Brigantine GOP candidates were caught red handed, violating city ordinance. Embarrassing election eve shenanigans were captured by concerned Brigantine Citizen cameras on Nov 7.

Complaints were noted: Approx 200 Brigantine Republican campaign signs were illegally placed along Brigantine Blvd, up thru the bridge. Signs were found on property that is technically owned and/or controlled by Atlantic City and Atlantic County.

200 illegal Brigantine Republican signs…on both sides of Brigantine Blvd.

Signs were ultimately removed and handed over to Brigantine police. At this point, no summons were issued to the 4 Brigantine Republican candidates; Bew, Haney, Riordan and Sciarra. Still no comment from GOP chairman Paul Busco or Mayor Guenther.

Brigantine City Manager Ed Stinson was made aware of illegal signage at a recent council meeting in early Oct. To date, Stinson has not taken action on this violation.

John Swarner : Here’s a little common sense: If campaign signs are placed in a location where campaign signs are prohibited, they essentially cease to be property, become litter, and should be subject to removal and disposal by anyone who cares to do so, just like any other common litter.

Donna Parker-Gallagher : The signs were a Violation…. here’s another example of how Brigantine Republicans think that just throwing BS innuendo out there will be swallowed by people I was embarrassed to drive on the island last night. Shame on you ( editor’s note: Chris ‘Bundy’ Howe ) for trying to spin this…to make it look like something it WAS NOT!



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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Republican Candidates Caught Placing Illegal Signs. VIDEO.”

  1. So the Republicans put up signs where they shouldn’t, not right at all. THAT being said, the report is on the signs being placed in unapproved spots, and NOT the fact that a former AND current councilman were the culprits detained by authorities for removing the signs, shadily at night? This is why this site is not a true representation for the betterment of the town, but rather to simply bash one political party. You cannot report on something and not state ALL the facts, not just the ones useful for your argument.

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