Brigantine Republicans Celebrate Ouster of Public Safety Director. Honor Kabala for Grass Roots Effort.

Brigantine Republican GOP The Brigantine Republicans celebrated another costly victory on Tuesday night, May 13. They toasted to their $30,000 ousting of the once popular Public Safety Director position. For many years, this coveted PSD position was held by Jim Barber. Not exactly known for fiscal conservatism, Mr. Barber enjoyed the PSD position as a nice side perk with pay in addition to his City Manager position.

Brigantine Hockey League
Kabala Honored by Mayor

A portion of the evening was devoted to thanking Brigantine Hockey League Director; Paul Kabala, for his grass roots efforts in helping to kill off this once popular position of Public Safety Director. Mr. Kabala is well known for his admirable volunteer work and contributions at the 42nd street hockey courts.

City Fire & Police unions were also celebrating as their nemesis; a tough but fair boss who rooted out many loopholes in his short tenure, was booted off the island. Mayor Guenther was also in attendance to raise a glass to their ‘Pyrrhic’ victory: the objective is achieved…. but at a cost that makes the victory “turn to ashes”.

Looming large is the overtime abuse that just won’t go away, even though Dan Howard has gone away. Look for feisty councilwoman; Lisa McClay, to pull an upset victory over the 22 year career politician; Phil Guenther in the upcoming November election.

The employee overtime abuse scandal could likely be an anchor that sinks an otherwise admirable run as Mayor of Brigantine. unnamed

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