Brigantine Resident Debuts Sandy Story for Kids

Brigantine Honer Pigeon Children's BookJacquelyn Walker, a longtime resident of Brigantine, NJ, has written this beautiful story for children, based on the very real and devastating events and aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in her hometown. Ms.Walker’s book recalls the storm in a way that is easy for children to understand. With this endearing story of two friendly animal characters and the lady who takes care of them, Ms. Walker offers many important life lessons for kids to think about and remember.

“On the morning of October 29, 2012, Honer felt something was different. It was dark, and the water from the bay covered the street. And it was very, very windy…” This is the story of Superstorm Sandy, as seen through the eyes of one bird and one dog, in Brigantine, on the Jersey Shore.

After Honer Pigeon gets a bad bump from the storm, he learns many lessons from Capone and his Mom Lady about love for family and home, caring for others, patience, and about how we can always start over and work together to make things better.

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