Brigantine Residents Demand Return of Linda Nace to Community Center

Brigantine Council chambers were filled on March 20. Residents wanted to know why Linda Nace was terminated from her position….after 16 successful years.

Nace is the highly competent, extremely popular manager of the Brigantine Nutrition program within the Brigantine Community Center on 42nd st.

Pleasant. Warm. Reassuring. Patient. Kind. Helpful. Professional. Linda Nace was all of that and more.

BrigantineNOW has first hand experience with Ms Nace. Recently, we took a senior to tour the facilities on 42nd street. Linda Nace spent close to an hour explaining all the benefits available to Brigantine residents, especially senior citizens. Linda is a truly amazing person.

A petition has been circulated. It’s been delivered to the Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Margate. The JCC manages the Atlantic County Nutrition Sites in Brigantine. They ultimately report to Atlantic County Executive, Dennis Levenson.

Brigantine Mayor Andy Simpson has already spoken to County Exec Levenson, as well as Atlantic County’s Jerry Del Rosso and Mr. Jack Fox from the JCC in Margate.

Weekday mornings, the Brigantine senior center hosts free programs and activities for the seniors. Bingo, Bridge, Poker, Pool, exercise classes, quilting and more. At noon, lunch is served for a buck.

This service has been funded through a grant provided by  the Atlantic County Area Agency on Aging, under the Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended.

Those who spoke at the Brigantine Council meeting have requested a review of the case, and the ultimate reinstatement of Ms. Nace to her job. According to Gene Solomon and Jerome Moliver, in a Brigantine Times ‘Letter To The Editor’, both believe that no adequate explanation has been provided regarding her termination.

Brigantine Mayor Andy Simpson has taken steps to get to the bottom of this. We should have an answer within 2 weeks.

Senior Citizens age 60 and older and their spouses are invited to attend the Brigantine Senior Center. The Center hours are 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Each day a balanced lunch is served without cost. A one dollar donation is suggested to enhance the program. Meals are planned by a qualified nutritionist to supply at least one third of the day’s nutritional requirements. Seniors are asked to make reservations for meals at least two days in advance.

Atlantic County Seniors Centers are dedicated to providing services that enhance the educational, social and recreational lives of our seniors. Activities may include Bingo, Exercise, Mahjong, Pinochle, Trips, Yoga and more.

Atlantic County provides transportation for seniors to the senior centers and to medical visits and shopping.

Brigantine Beach Community Center & the Brigantine Senior Center:

  • 265 42nd St., Brigantine
  • 609-266-2891
  • Free shuttle service: With only 24 hours notice, Brigantine volunteers will provide transportation to and from the senior center as well as to errands within Brigantine, such as shopping, a trip to the hairdresser or medical appointments. Call 609-266-7585 to make arrangements.

Nace’s replacement has not been well received.

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  1. What in God’s name is a ‘nutrition program’ and what is doing at a tiny community center anyway? Sounds like the flaw is the program.

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