Brigantine to Lose $237,000 in School Funding

Brigantine and Ventnor are the biggest local losers of school funding under NJ Gov Murphy’s new budget plan. That’s according to

193 school districts will get less funding under Murphy’s new school plan. Some towns may need to raise taxes in order to make up for the loss.

School taxes make up more than half of the average property tax bill in New Jersey, so says NJ Gov Murphy.

Why the change? Addressing inequities that resulted from multiple years of over-funding some districts while “failing to adequately meet the needs of other growing districts,” NJ officials said.

Below is the list of LOCAL school districts affected.

Brigantine $1,815,351 -$237,211 -11.56%

Ventnor $1,803,799 -$140,001 -7.20%

Longport, $85,083 -$2,047 -2.35%

Margate $521,246 -$10,032 -1.89%

Atlantic City, $58,241,381 +$17,803,871 +44.03%

Atlantic Co Vocational, ACIT $12,648,060 +$2,449,477 +24.02%

See full list here

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3 thoughts on “Brigantine to Lose $237,000 in School Funding”

  1. Mr. Murphy needs the money for free services for illegals. Wants to be a SANCTUARY STATE. Somebody has to pay. Do the math. HIGHER TAXES = More free stuff for illegals.

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