Brigantine Shark Park Playground Still Closed. Opening Delayed.

Brigantine Shark Park Playground  Guenther

A shortage of volunteers and cash is extending the wait for the reopening of Shark Park Playground in Brigantine. The original build week fell short and the park remains closed.

A new Shark Park was to debut the first weekend in May, but a lack of volunteers and little focus from City Hall made that hopeful date a longshot. Fewer volunteers than expected are turning out which has delayed the work. “It’s about 60 percent done,” said project leader; Paul Amalfitano.

Local residents have noted the shortage of volunteers assisting in the effort.

Mayor Guenther and Brigantine City Council currently being pressured by local families and part-time residents to place more attention on community projects like Shark Park.

“The Mayor needs to focus less on golf course scams and protecting a handful of public employee salaries and pensions” said Mary Waterson, a mother of 3 who has been vacationing in Brigantine for the last 20 years. “Shark Park was one of the last remaining things for kids to do in Brigantine. It’s shameful how City Council dropped the ball on this very simple community project”.

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10 thoughts on “Brigantine Shark Park Playground Still Closed. Opening Delayed.”

  1. Brigantine resident

    I agree City Council does not seem to be interested in the kids anymore like it used to be got rid of that awesome egg hunt on the beach, now shark park is delayed and what else are they going to eliminate ?
    they don’t seem to be doing things for the kiddies.

  2. Brigantine Resident

    This past year has been nothing but negative news about Brigantine. When I first bought my home 3 years ago it seemed way better and more positive now everytime I get something from Brigantine Now it is always negative stuff. See below…..
    Bye Brigantine. 7-11 Shuttered, L’aragosta Moves To Ventnor
    Brigantine Shark Park Playground Still Closed. Opening Delayed.
    Brigantine Second Home Owners Angered By Links Golf Course Give-Away
    When are we going to get some positive news for this island ?

  3. any reason why the precinct and firehouse boys can “volunteer” some time? you would think that the police and firemen would give back to the community that gives them SOOOOOOOO much.

    1. Do some research both the FD and PD have spent time down there volunteering. How about you cant say Ive seen you down there

      1. I was talking about the municipal welfare recipient police and fire, not me.
        But since you mention me, I am not a municipal welfare recipient, I am a second home owner that pays taxes into the municipal welfare trust fund.
        Which do you think will happen first? Shark park reopening or renewed contracts?

        1. Shark park will be done first. And you failed to notice my original point both dept have been down there helping so do some research before you bad mouth them

  4. Block/Lot/Qual: 2301. 6. Tax Account Id: 2490
    Property Location: 26TH STREET SO Property Class: 15C – Public Property
    Owner Name/Address: CITY OF BRIGANTINE Land Value: 271,300
    1417 W BRIGANTINE AVE Improvement Value: 10,700
    BRIGANTINE, NJ 08203 Exempt Value: 0
    Total Assessed Value: 282,000

    OK Folks: City of Brigantine owns the land, I hope they pay the insurance cost to cover any injuries/deaths that could occur as a result of a fall at the Shark Park……why aren’t the employees of the City of Brigantine completing the project? I’m on board with donations to help with costs but should this be run by an engineer to make sure it is being done safely? City of Brigantine has an engineer on retainer and the staff to complete park. Again pay but now work………….

    1. Chris
      Excellent point, it never crossed my mind that the renovations probably should be done by city employees, not volunteers, with city dollars subsidized by donations!

      To answer your questions in order
      The city employees aren’t completing the renovations because they are too busy with their other real jobs. (R/E Investment, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Contractors, etc)
      Yes city engineer and city employees (inspector etc) should be making sure the work is done properly and the playground is safe. (I would certainly hope they are!)

  5. Is there a proposed date for the opening of Shark Park? I am one of those summer home owners, and my grandchildren have been down on Memorial Day, and now 4th of July and still can’t use the playground. The community that I live in and pay the same taxes, has four parks with playgrounds and the public works dept. takes care of maintaining the parks and updating play equipement. Surely a community like Brigantine can see the need for the park to open before the end of the summer..

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