Brigantine Snags Bad Ass Emergency Vehicle

Brigantine Beach
The Brigantine Bad Ass

While a little late for Hurricane Sandy, the Brigantine Fire Department is thrilled to acquire a 1987 5-Ton Army Truck. Our new emergency response vehicle was FREE of any cost to the City. It had a complete update and refurbishment in 1998.

This big boy has big time credentials too. It was deployed and utilized overseas in Operation Desert Storm in 1991 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Brigantiners will benefit from this acquisition… in future emergency situations like floods and snow storms…and maybe even a parade or two. Our new emergency response vehicle will better ensure the safety of our city’s residents and visitors when otherwise, roads may be impassible.

The vehicle will be painted red, lettered and logoed, and outfitted with select emergency response equipment. Not sure if red flames will be painted on the side doors, and laser guided canons will be added to this bruiser. We’ll have to ask the Fire Chief about that.

There will be a contest held in which residents will get to name the vehicle. Stay tuned for details of the upcoming contest. In the meantime, any name entries can be emailed to Fire&

Not sure if the City will approve of our suggestion…..calling it the ‘Brigantine Bad Ass’.

This thing is just so damn cool.

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