Brigantine Street Collapse Getting Worse. Ignored for 3 Years.

brigantine street falling apart. mayor guenther watches.
Brigantine’s Sinking Street

WATCH VIDEO & SEE PICS> Is the Brigantine waterfront street called Harbor Beach Cove on a path to greater collapse? Resident Tom Braca addressed Council about the crumbling road in front of his Brigantine home. The scenic roadway is actually falling into the salt marsh. A small, but dangerous cliff could pose a serious risk to cars, pedestrians and those who love to bike.

100 Yards of Liability for City of Brigantine.

For three years, Braca has been pleading with Council and City Manager; Ed Stinson. Braca is desperate to have the City shore up and repair this scenic roadway that continues to slip into one of Brigantine’s many lagoons. What’s taking so long for this mission critical project to start? Why is Brigantine City Hall playing the stall, promise and delay game with Braca?

So far, monies haven’t been targeted to this treacherous stretch of public road. Yet, Guenther & Simpson have allowed City Engineer / City Manager Stinson to hand select 16 other non-critical projects like boat ramp upgrades, and a new parking lot for Mad Dog Morgan’s Red Cup Bar, Grill and Links Golf Course.

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‘I was offended by Ed Stinson’s treatment of my respectful request’ said Braca. ‘Stinson did not call me as promised’.

QUOTABLE: ‘There is a contract’ says Stinson back-up; Ellie Mae Derrickson.

Sera says there’s a contract as well. Yet, clerk Sweeney doesn’t have it. John Doring at the Dept. of Public works doesn’t have it. So…a contract worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is missing inside City Hall? Oh, that’s right. We’re talking about Guenther’s Brigantine.

Click below to listen. Brigantine resident; Tom Braca, is a guest on WPG Talk Radio 1450.

Braca is featured on ‘Shoobie Showdown’. Nov. 6, 2015.

Some critical questions:

  • When did the BID go out for this particular job?
  • Bid was never discussed during council meetings.
  • There is no public record of this particular bid.
  • Who was awarded contract to fix this street?
  • Due to connection with adjacent saltwater marsh, will DEP; Dept of Environmental Protection need to OK?
  • How will Brigantine reduce greater chance for cracking & accelerated collapse during freeze / thaw winter cycles?
  • High tides & storms allows seawater to easily flow & seep under road bed. This accelerates chance for faster breakdown of asphalt road that hasn’t been repaired, coated or sealed in years.

So why haven’t homeowners demanded quicker action from Stinson & Guenther? ‘My neighbors are afraid of retribution’ says Braca. ‘They don’t want to step forward to get this fixed, so I have do it for them. Some are Real Estate agents and some are members of the Elks. They’re afraid of harassment.’

City Manager Ed Stinson, still out recovering from back surgery, was cited once again as being non-responsive, somewhat mean spirited and evasive. Jack, a 42 year resident who lives in the City’s first ward grimaced as he shared: Stinson & Mayor Guenther are BFF’s. These guys are dirty as the day is long.

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7 thoughts on “Brigantine Street Collapse Getting Worse. Ignored for 3 Years.”

  1. How come the previous administration was not questioned about this. That much damage took more than three years to happen

  2. Phil has controlled things from streets down to video’s of council meetings. Same b.s. happened when ex ac cop was mgr.

    Remember how our ex ac mgr plowed his own street after blizzard and boasted at city meeting.

    If we can spend $$$ for free fireman dental benefits in retirement we can fix streets.
    Drive down Bayshore near the dump.
    The street is a mess with more bumps than Iraq….

    It is Phil who is to blame…

  3. Let’s call a spade a spade: the Democrats, what did they try to accomplish that was worth a damn in their tenure? …NOTHING.
    That being said, the Republicans are not doing anything noteworthy either. It’s all the same hypocritical nature. Blue against red, red against blue. Stop hating and start creating.

  4. It’s interesting and relevant to note that Mr. Braca is not the owner of any property in Brigantine. He speaks with assumed authority, but, legally, he has no standing. While he may be an occupant, he’s not an owner.

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