Brigantine is Talking. Diehard Republican Fed Up. Guenther Faces Heat.

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Letter to the Editor… from George Blood.

I am a Republican. I was an active member of the Brigantine Republican Club and I am also a former member of the New Republican Party, spearheaded by Andy Simpson, prior to his election to the City Council to represent the First Ward in Brigantine.

Phil Guenther of Brigantine. Not to be trusted.

I CAN NO LONGER BE SILENT and TOLERATE the shameful deportment of some Brigantine activists which is meant to steer the voting public away from the tangible issues facing our island.

The disgraceful posting on Facebook by Brigantine Beach Patrol Lieutenant Fran Masino and the behavior of Sandi Williams, office manager for Councilman Andy Simpson at recent Fourth Ward residents meetings is not only reprehensible is totally dishonorable to the political protocol of engaging opponents.

During a recent residents Fourth Ward Forum, Ms. Williams asked Robert Polillo one question: “Where do you live?”

She filmed and recorded Mr. Polillo’s reply with the anticipation that she had captured this GOTCHA MOMENT against Mr. Polillo.

After this incident, Ms. Williams attempted to diffuse her actions and her self-created situation –before it would blow up in her face – by attempting to “tap dance” her way out of questioning Mr. Polillo’s residency via a written letter of explanation.

Her line of questioning and demeanor towards Mr. Polillo are insubstantial and ignoble.

I have known Bob and Maria Polillo for over 20 years. They continue to be members of the finest individuals “club” I have known. And yes, Ms. Williams, they are residents of Brigantine and yes, they were and remain victims of Superstorm Sandy.

Their home was destroyed and the re-building process has just begun not only for Bob and Maria but for the majority of Sandy victims.

My firm conviction is one whereby ALL Residents of Brigantine owe ALL CANDIDATES a debt of gratitude. Becoming a candidate in Brigantine has developed into a THANKLESS JOB.

These individuals sacrifice their own time and personal efforts for the betterment of this community.  I have observed Candidates of both parties “walking our streets” to deliver their message, when perhaps their preference would be to spend time with their own families! Thank you, all Brigantine candidates for your dedication and sacrifice… you are all entitled to respect and consideration from all of us residents for the specific platform and issues you represent…

At future candidate forums I would expect that “gotcha questions” would be replaced by more significant ones and that candidates would address substantial issues facing our island such as:

  • The candidate’s position on the Golf Course
  • Should we utilize part-time firefighters to conserve financial resources at all levels and in all departments
  • If elected, how would a candidate reduce the size of our government
  • Has candidate developed cohesive agenda for execution of cost cutting wherever there’s an opportunity to do so in our city government, irrespective of party lines and where the sole consideration is …. benefit the taxpayers.

The within is only a partial listing of distress confronting our island. These apprehensions and other cost rampant concerns should and need to be the CRUX of any Candidate’s campaign— irrespective of which political party he/she is representing. Has the Political Bar in Brigantine descended so LOW that we as Republicans are to condone actions and conduct such as those recently exhibited by those individuals named in the within editorial?

Brigantine GOP Hockey Howe
Brigantine Hockey Coach; Chris Howe

The time is now for all Brigantine Republicans to uphold the values of decency, compassion the most important… honesty. Both parties are better served when ISSUES ARE THE CENTRAL STAPLE OF A DEBATE, not, vulgarity, crudeness and boorishness.

We, residents and taxpayers of Brigantine, now more than ever before in the history of our island, are  and will be COMPELLED to VOTE on the ISSUES—NOT Party Lines.

At the voting booths, remember those candidates who best represent fundamental values and whose sole purpose is the genuine progress of our island.

Vote with your conscience when you pull that lever at the voting booth… not political favoritism and cronyism or RISK descent into autocracy and a collision with our island’s future.


George Blood

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8 thoughts on “Brigantine is Talking. Diehard Republican Fed Up. Guenther Faces Heat.”

  1. Dear Andy Simpson,

    You asked Councilman Kern – “what intimidation are you talking about?” Seriously? Andy, you were serious when you asked Kern that question? Fran Masino, Sandi al

    I’m a 1st ward resident who has voted over a quarter century for Brigantine RINO’s (Republican in name only).

    I work in the real world private sector paying 28% of my healthcare premium (with deductibles) and a matching 401k.

    I’m a veteran, too. If poor Sandi can whine she’s a single mother of two, why cant I mention I’m a vet?

    Anyway, looking forward to you & Phil knocking on MY door this campaign season….I have a lot of questions for you!

  2. Where have you folks been ? Dr. Kern and Mr. Tony Pulella were card carrying republicans until it no longer fit their agendas. They became democrats because they saw it as a way into politics at a time of weakness in the Republican Party here in Brigantine. They ran on a platform of No Tax Increases. Where has that gotten us? As a life long Democrat, I can see through the smoke and mirrors of this Administration. I will vote For Mr. Gunther, Mr. Simpson and The Bright Young Vince Sera.

    1. Paul, I no doubt believe you are a life long Dem, because by supporting RINO’s Phil, Andy and bright young Sera (LoL) you must like high taxes, irresponsible spending and careless oversight of public union contracts.

      The contracts, benefits & pension pay outs by taxpayers are NOT sustainable. Do you get it? NOT sustainable – without huge tax increases that will bankrupt not only the middle class, but the city, too !

      Paul, I suspect you’re not life long Dem, but a life long public union beneficiary… and brig RINO

      1. Sam you claim high taxes but Brigantine has the 3rd lowest taxes in the county. Your really complaining about your home value which if your unhappy with sell and move off shore where your home will be worth half and tax bill will be the same ball park and you’ll have half the services.

        1. Dj

          don’t profess or assume to think I’m complaining about my home value. There is a huge difference in value between shore towns and the mainland. I’m questioning the fiscal management of Brigantine, which has the highest taxes of any barrier island in south jersey. Don’t use a weak minded, lazy argument regarding the whole county (or Atlantic City, ha). You’re either economically naïve, or an income beneficiary of the taxpayer.

          1. Again just flat out wrong Brigantine does not have the highest taxes of any barrier island in New Jersey Ventnor, Wildwood, and Sea Side Heights just to name a few are all higher then Brigantine. If your are going to make claims please make sure they are factual.

  3. Sam , you have no clue. I moved to my home here, which I have owned and enjoyed since 1970. I moved here permenantly in 2007 after retiring after 35 years. My taxes in Brigantine are less than one third of the 18,000.00 I previously paid in Cherry Hill NJ and my home here is assessed at twice what my previous home was. Under the present partisan Democratic council we’ve seen cuts in services, a frivolous ,unnecessary and expensive vote to oust a do nothing high paid crony of our City Manager. If you recall It was the Democratic members of Counicil who voted to raise taxes this time (the largest increase in sometime) . They ran on a platform of No New Taxes. Where has that gotten us. Try attending a council meeting sometime and you will see ineptness at its best.
    It is true that in good conscience things must change to avoid bankrupting us all, but do you really think the proposed Democratic Canidates are more capable.

    1. Paul, you seem to enjoys paying high taxes, first cherry hill and now brigantine. talk about clueless, has your head been in our beach sand for the last decade? Who has raised your taxes with reckless spending although our population and school attendance has declined 25% over the last 10 yrs ? Name a specific cut in services? The CPI on avg was less than 2.2% yet salary wages & benefits were handed out more than twice that %.

      I’ve been to council meetings looong before YOU ever moved here. And if you think our present situation & huge tax increase was created by the Dem majority council over the last 2 yrs… you’re incredibly naïve & foolish. The Rino’s have been kickin the can down the road for years. The bill came due, just like it did in AC. Now, I have not been entirely convinced the Dems are the answer, but they can’t do any worse than what’s been going on with the spending & borrowing for the last 10-20 yrs.

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