Brigantine is Talking. We Need More Tourism.

Brigantine is Talking….from Joe Tighue >>>

I think we can all agree that brigantine needs more commercial tax rateables to take some of the burden of the backs of residential tax payers. we also need commercial attractions to increase tourism and provide potential customers for existing businesses.

I have what might be considered a big idea and it may be too late to make this idea a reality but here it is.

There are two parcels of undeveloped land on each side of the bridge.These sites are the gateway to brigantine and should not be developed with more residential housing.

I realize there are residential permits already in place but if possible the owners of the land should be encouraged to forget residential development and consider developing one of the sites with a major hotel chain like Marriott and the other as a year round water park.

The hotel could have docks so patrons can come by land or sea. It could also have a restaurant with one of the best views in South Jersey. The water park site could also be used to house the Brigantine manual stranding center.

Brigantine does not need more housing, it needs visitors to shop in our stores, eat at our restaurants and enjoy our beaches, golf courses, parks and other amenities.

It is time for the economic development people to think,out side the box and do something big that would turn Brigantine around and allow it to reach its full potential as one of the outstanding shore towns on the east coast.

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