Brigantine taxpayer feedback. What do you think?

BrigantineNOW taxpayer feedback from Ann Wenitsky: It’s interesting that Brigantine Councilman Kern voted “no” two meeting ago regarding the bond ordinance and yet this time voted “yes” with no explanation on what the road improvements were to be. He also had no questions prior to voting yes. Raise a bond for $4 Million and leave it open as to what is to be improved?

As a taxpayer, I expect Council to know exactly what the road improvements are to be before voting yes. Also, there should be an exact breakdown as to what these items for the Fire Department are to be. There was no detailed breakdown of the fire equipment and trucks. When asked, answers were not specific.

Where was the Public Safety Director at this meeting? He should have been there to offer details or send a representative from the Fire Department on such an important issue.

Also the section of the Blvd that is not between 38th Street and Harbor Beach Blvd regarding the medial strip was not addressed. Mr. Purdy gave a good explanation of the plan when asked but because this is a county road I have concerns. I saw workers paving the medial strip with concrete the other day.

This is the entrance to the island and it should be beautiful and not look like an interstate highway.

Ann Wenitsky

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3 thoughts on “Brigantine taxpayer feedback. What do you think?”

  1. I agree with you Ann. There should be better explanations of how taxes are being spent and council members should come to meetings prepared. We all pay a lot of property taxes to live in New Jersey and it is about time that we start getting something for this large sum of money collected from each of us every year. Council members should be ashamed if they can’t answer questions or at least indicate that they can get the answers to the public at the next meeting.

  2. Agree!!! But my question is what money is the City getting for the damages from Sandy? Streets have been impacted from the storm, lost equipment, etc. Where is the transparency in government and information to the Public??? Why is the Rowing Club still sitting there with damage to the building? Why the long delay in repairing the Golf Club House? What the heck is going on?? Didn’t the town have insurance on these buildings? and where is the money to help us restore the community??
    Meanwhile the second home owners like myself have paid for every bit of repairs to the property damage on their own while seeing some of the neighbors scamming insurance companies for complete upgrades while their houses were not maintained from the get go! Our streets need repair due to Sandy. Homeowners on the bay are constantly getting flooded because some of our neighbors have not raised their bulkheads!! What is fair about that?? Make everyone raise bulkheads. IF most have raised bulkheads but neighbors have not we have no defense against flooding. Just sayin!!

    1. Brigantine Taxpayer

      Where is the money going? Just check the books. Approx 60% of Brigantine municipal budget goes to city unions & city employees.

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