Brigantine Taxpayer Update; AUG 2014

Brigantine’s property-tax bills are in the mail this week as full and part time residents brace for some potentially unpleasant news. As initially warned by the Brigantine Taxpayers Association, employee salaries along with benefits, pension payouts and the under-performing Brigantine Golf Course share a large part of blame for the soon-to-arrive tax man’s letter.

In other financial follies, expired but still valid, employees union contracts will play heavily in the upcoming 2015 budget process, including continued payments under those contracts that expired 2 years ago.

New Jersey Governor Christie and NJ Legislature are again considering the costly issue of public employee payouts for unused sick and vacation days. The Governor wants to eliminate these payouts. The Brigantine Taxpayers Association agrees. The City of Brigantine is still mired in negotiating expired contracts and has yet to announce its position on this burden and retirement windfall for already well-paid employees.

During the next Brigantine City Council meeting on Wed., August. 6, members will discuss and vote on the 2014 salary ordinance, based on the 2013 ordinance which says, “All employees will receive 0 percent salary increases in 2013.” However, in this amended introduced ordinance, there are some salary increases. The Brigantine Taxpayers Association challenges the necessity of such increases.

Still in limbo are the issues of overtime mis-management, uncovered at a Spring 2014 council meeting.City Council has yet to announce their findings in this potential abuse that took the Mayor and many others by surprise.

Taxpayers are also waiting for official word on the Water Weenie issue. This colorful pontoon boat, converted into a floating hot dog & ice cream vending concession, has pulled up onto the beach at The Cove for many years. Recently it was told to cease business. No word yet on who the owners of The Water Weenie were from the past 10 years, and if they were properly licensed to do business on the beach.

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7 thoughts on “Brigantine Taxpayer Update; AUG 2014”

  1. Long Time Part Timer

    Being a long time part timer, I have seen a big change in the homes in Brigantine. Does anyone else wonder why there are constant tax increases when new McMansions now occupy empty lots and small bungalows which must have paid considerably less in taxes??

  2. Are these people in the real world? How many will be leaving for lack of jobs? We don’t need so many city workers. I lost my house to the hurricane. It’s almost 2 years and still have not rebuilt under the Remm program.

    I also received a ticket for not mowing the lawn. The house was supposed to be demolished on July 11. As a senior, I figured why waste the money if they’re going to rip up the grass anyway.

    I’ve been here for 15 years, before the boom, hoping to retire to a great little town. I hope I can and not be added to the list of houses for sale!

  3. Brigantine taxes are becoming the joke of the island. People go to the town council meetings expressing how they feel about the increases and it seems like nothing is ever resolved. Now again our taxes have increased to the point were people will be selling and leaving the Island they love. The future for Brigantine looks hopeless. I can see raising taxes gradually but now we are getting hit with 25% increases.

  4. In reading about this 7% tax increase, I’m thinking, wow, that’s how much greater than inflation across the last few years? Yesterday I received my tax bill. Seven percent? No way. It’s double that. And my tax increase the previous year was about 6%, so across two years, my tax bill went up by more than 20%. That is completely unreasonable!!!! I called the tax assessor. I was told that they had to raise tax rates to make up for shortfalls caused by deflated property values, in part related to a down economy and in part related to Sandy effects. I was told with new property valuations, some people’s taxes went up while others went down. I think it is only fair that the City of Brigantine release summary data on the valuations of properties that saw tax increases vs. Tose that saw decreases. My property is small and probably falls into the bottom 10% of of property values in Brigantine and I saw a 20%+ increase in taxes over the last two years!!! I think the citizens of Brigantine deserve to know whether all levels of wealth are sharing this pain, or whether disportionate tax increases are being levied on those of lesser means while those who build and buy three story 4,000 sq. ft. monstrosities are the ones getting the new discounts. Could this be a ploy to further cheapen property values so that more middle income houses go onto the market for less and less money so that investors can come scoop them up for bargain basement prices, knock then down, build their new multi-million dollar sand castles in their place???

  5. Dear Abby

    Just moved to Brigantine, NJ two years ago. Which political party should I join & contribute $ and have the best chance to have my kid get a highly paid plum job with the city ?


    In a Quandary, NJ

    PS – Does Gov. Christie support our local GOP ?… really ?

  6. All you ever hear is how taxes on the island are out of control but I have yet to hear anyone mention that brigantine for 2013 had the second lowest taxes in the county and we have full services. Go live in other towns in the area that have double or triple the tax rate with volunteer FD, having to pay for trash pick up, and school districts that are not as good as ours. Your real complaint is about your house value. Go live in eht ehc or mays landing and pay the same dollar amount you pay now on a house thats worth a lot less if your so unhappy here.

  7. Long Time Part Timer

    With the 7% tax increase I got this week I am wondering what tax increase the full timers got who have used government funds to raise & update their homes. Did their taxes also go up 7% plus 7% on the additional money invested into these properties?

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