Brigantine Taxpayers Can Learn From Ocean City Homeowners

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Brigantine homeowners can learn much from Ocean City taxpayers…. many of whom are 2nd homeowners, just like in Brigantine.

OC taxpayers enjoy a very comprehensive website & Facebook page that keeps ALL taxpayers up to date on how their money is spent. Meeting minutes, calendar of events, newsletters, etc.

We hope the BTA, Brigantine Taxpayers Association, will take a cue from Ocean City. Attending council meetings is not enough.

Since Aug of 2011, BrigantineNOW has tried to provide better transparency into the REAL Brigantine. We can only do so much by ourselves. It’s time for taxpayers to step up….. or shut up…. and pay higher taxes. Your choice.

While Brigantine island is beautiful and a hidden gem along the Jersey coast….it’s unfortunately one of the most mis-managed seashore towns. That’s why homes sit on the market on average….for well over 120 days…or longer.

Many are now looking at towns like Ventnor, as a summer destination or investment opportunity.

Much of the problem in Brigantine stems from a very small handful of insiders that control a growing bucket of ratables / tax dollars from 2nd homeowners. Some say having a Mayor in office for over 27 years….is another big problem.

Brigantine has NOTHING like what OC taxpayers have.

Brig taxpayers must enjoy having their pockets picked by a very small handful of ‘insiders’ in charge of spending tax revenue.

Notice how your Brigantine Home Values are still in the Real Estate dumper?

Ever wonder why Brigantine has a surplus of close to $6 million? This crazy surplus is also known as over-taxing. This is how Brigantine leadership, can announce tiny tax cuts….and seem like their being fiscally conservative.

Notice all the EMPTY retail businesses in town? Very few see Brigantine as a fertile ground to start a business. This is due to highly inappropriate behavior by those inside City Hall.

Need more proof?

Check the assessments of homes in Brigantine. Almost identical homes can have wildly different tax assessments. Those differences can easily be identified. Connected politicians and their supporters pay substantially LESS in property taxes, than others.

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Does a sleepy Shore town really need 21 cops, a multimillion-dollar library, and a school system that spends $47,000 on every kid?

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