Brigantine Taxpayers

Brigantine Hockey Coaches Under Financial Fire

Brigantine business boycotts, non-stop beef & beer fund-raisers and undocumented Snack Shack cash flow using city property. These are just a few of the items raising eyebrows from the Brigantine Taxpayers Association and other local citizens groups in Brigantine. Audits are being requested to understand how the Brigantine Hockey League

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Brigantine School Superintendent Says ‘No Consolidation Needed’

Brigantine school consolidation is not needed. That’s what Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther and School Superintendent; Brian Pruitt reported last week via a highly questionable document called: Brigantine Public Schools Consolidation Study. (click to read) This so-called study was released to the general public, just minutes before it was voted upon and approved

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Brigantine Links Golf Course Deal Shrouded in Secrecy

To the editor from Anne H. Phillips of the Brigantine Taxpayers Association:  “Transparency in government is not just a fine-sounding ideal but something voters expect those they elect to practice. It’s missing in the golf course deal involving its food and beverage, including alcohol, operation.” These comments were made at the April 15

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