Brigantine Taxpayers

Brigantine Overtime Pay Issue Grows. Mayor Phil Guenther Yawns.

Still no answer to the question of overtime pay for members of the Brigantine Fire Department. The following comments were made at the May 24 City Council meeting by Anne H. Phillips of the Brigantine Taxpayers Association… First, The Brigantine Taxpayers Association wants to thank publicly Mr. Dan Howard for

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Brigantine OPRA Requests.

Requests for info swamp Brigantine Sandy, labor disputes, budget issues blamed for volume By WALLACE McKELVEY, Staff Writer | Posted 7 months ago Brigantine employees are inundated with Open Public Records Act requests as tensions mount over a contentious budget process, labor contract negotiations and from residents making Sandy repairs. As of Friday,

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Evolution of Brigantine Beach Real Estate Economy

Like many Jersey shore communities before us, Brigantine Beach continues it’s slow and steady evolution from quiet coastal town to thriving tourist destination. You can see examples of this transformation as small bungalows get sandwiched between majestic, 3 story palaces. Some hate this while others have no opinion. Some love the

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