Why Many in Brigantine Ignored EVACUATION ORDER

Brigantine NO WORRY about SANDY
Brigantine Not Worried

Why did so many Brigantine residents ignore the MANDATORY EVACUATION that was ordered? According to a recent newspaper article, approx 70% of the 9500 residents stayed put.

BrigantineNOW reader; Johanne Milnes, sent us this email:

Last year, everyone was warned. Brigantine Times spent TWO pages laughing at the evacuation order as did many others.

It wasn’t until the third page of Emmett’s ( Brigantine Times Publisher ) article that he complemented the efforts of the first responders. So I think many chose to listen to the wrong voice. I was so infuriated last year as my blood is boiling this year.

I just gave up my landlubber home to retire permanently in Brigantine because I believe it IS the island you will love for life. I just hope there is a home there to return to at the end of this week. BE SAFE everyone….THINK SMARTLY!!!

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8 thoughts on “Why Many in Brigantine Ignored EVACUATION ORDER”

  1. hows the south end ?
    yea i had to run down to Fla. to take care of a few things ….but to be honest if i were up there this week i would have stayed to…..to many bullshit reports by tha crumbag philly news in many of the past years left,people distrust, like the new ice age report by that dumb ass john bularis years ago left people in a panic everyone remembers that one, and the storm inaugust that thay never reported left people from egg harbor to brigantine with out power for 10 days. my wife glus herself to that weather news… drives me nuts….its like the news that cries wolf….then bang after 25 years of shit reports they get one right

  2. Some of my dear friends did not leave. It gave me extra focus at prayer time. Having lived through many destructive Atlantic spawned storms both in Brigantine, Florida and coastal Texas, I assure you I scram when told to evacuate.

  3. Based on the pictures showing the depth of destruction in Brigantine, on this wonderful Brigantine Now website, relatively speaking, it would seem we were much more prepared with our dunes then most other communities on barrier islands . I realize that dramatic pictures that are posted are important to see, however, could someone take some pictures in more positive settings where the storm did not mete out it’s wrath ? Photos demonstrating where our Dune system held back the raging waters and the paths that they protected on the oceanfront would be also of interest. Were there areas in Brigantine that were spared water rising damage? Photos or maps showing these areas would also be of interest.
    I would hope this website would also provide information on where electricity has been restored and when the permission to return, the lifting of the ban will occur.
    36 Street oceanfront resident

  4. I read the comments above and I don’t think people ignoring the warnings had anything to do with Brigantine Times. You are taking an opportunity to take a shot at an editors comments from previous storms.

    This storm was a direct hit on NJ and people decided to stay in Brigantine because that is their home and their life, not because of an article last year. Different storm and different warnings, stop blaming a newspaper article and carrying your anger. People who live in Brigantine or people that were born and raised their stayed out of their love of their lives and homes in Brigantine.

    I would imagine the gentleman that you refer to above probably stayed and watched his life work float away while you evacuated. Don’t crap on those who chose to stay, they stayed with love and prayers that they would be spared. Silly to some but how dare you assume to know the intentions of everyone was because of an article last year. If you are giving him so much credit for his power of influence then perhaps he should be recognized for his loyalty to Brigantine and his love of the area that he would not abandon ship at any cost.

    Worry about the survivors and rebuilding the best community in the world. Dont take shots from a years worth of your anger. Brigantine is the only home I have ever known and coming over the bridge and breathing the air is a part of my family’s history. It is in our blood, how do you abandon that even with the warnings? Maybe you are not passionate about Brigantine like the people who stayed, risk their lives to save the life they have, sounds like they are pretty serious to me.

    Foolish to some but when a town is part of your existence where do you go? Be compassionate to them in their negligence and spare yourself the blood pressure medicine you need to hate an editor.

    1. Life over bricks & sticks. Personal choice. How about the well being of those required to save the folks who decided to remain behind?

      1. Personal choice… u r correct. No different than the rescuers choice 2 b there.. but don’t assume all islanders want rescue, they fought thru storm 2 preserve what was important 2 them. I commend rescuers but as u said its their choice 2 put themselves there as well.

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