Brigantine To Get Even More Sand

Brigantine BeachThe Brigantine Beach gods have shined down upon us once again. It was just announced that we’ll get another 165,000 cubic yards of that grainy goodness over the next few weeks.

A few months ago, our north-end received over 350,000 cubic yards of sand. The Brigantine northern waterfront now looks awesome at the seawall. The beach is deeper and taller. Of course this particular portion of our coast gets beat up on occasion by ocean currents and storms. The seawall along that erosion prone area in front of the Pirates Den restaurant was a great investment indeed.

Funding for this project is coming from the Hurricane Sandy Relief bill. No Brigantine tax dollars are being used. SEE VIDEO:

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1 thought on “Brigantine To Get Even More Sand”

  1. How is sand being delivered? We hope it is not being trucked in… (cause that was a horrendous process…None the less- the new sand keeps washing and blowing away at the sea wall across from the Pirates Den…. We have so much sand in our front river rock- (just re-done) that we can hardly see the newly placed river rocks. This has never been the case for the 8 years we have been here. This leads us to believe that something is wrong in the project scope. There were BIG ROCKS at the sea wall before. Those rocks were washed under during the storm and have not been replaced. They must be important for keeping the beach stable. It is now “sugar sand” that is blowing all over the North end. Any suggestions? It seems the money could be used for jetties….

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