Brigantine Prohibits Residential Livestock? Starlight Nova The Rescue Pony.

Brigantine City Council now considering a ban on residential livestock.

With the arrival of Starlight Nova, a beloved rescue pony, seems like City ordinance could use an update?

There is no law against the boarding of horses and livestock in Brigantine. Does that mean Starlight Nova can stay, or at least visit?

The beautiful equine narrowly escaped a kill farm. Starlight Nova now enjoying a spacious front yard on Bayshore Avenue in Brigantine. Neighbors even bring her apples and carrots.

At the January 7, 2021 Brigantine Council meeting, Mayor Vince Sera said: before we can take action, it needs to be advertised. Public input needed.

What does the future hold for Starlight Nova, the rescue pony?

Is it OK to have a horse in your Brigantine front yard? Not an easy decision to make. Everybody loves Starlight Nova.

Zoned residential, not a farm. Nobody gonna be milking cows any time soon

Brigantine Councilman Riordan

Will they pass the ordinance?



WHEREAS, the possession, housing, raising and maintenance of livestock in the City of Brigantine is inconsistent with the general good health and well-being of persons in the City of Brigantine

WHEREAS, it is the intention of City Council to insure the public health and well-being of all persons and cleanliness consistent with the presentation of the City of Brigantine to all residents and visitors; and

WHEREAS, in furtherance of such goals, it is the intention of City Council to prohibit the possession and housing of livestock in the City.

The possession, housing, raising, and maintenance of any livestock in the City of Brigantine, including but not limited to horses, cows, bulls, pigs, and goats, is hereby prohibited.

This Ordinance shall take effect after final adoption and publication in accordance with law.

Horse Angels Rescue in Pennsylvania.

DEC 16, 2020 Meeting.

You can ride your horse on Brigantine’s North Beach. Three miles of untouched beach located at the tip of Brigantine Island. Horseback riding is open to the public by permit.

October 1 thru March 30 from 7A to 8:30 P

For permit information call 266-7600 ext. 220

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8 thoughts on “Brigantine Prohibits Residential Livestock? Starlight Nova The Rescue Pony.”

    1. A horse is a pet, best friend, healer. They are not raised as livestock. They are members of a family. If we can’t show kindness for an animal who gives and receives love then what hope do we have as humans to survive? Do elected officials have nothing else to do but pick on a voiceless animal? There are no issues with the horse and quite frankly it shows a real community coming together and showing support for love, kindness, and support for their neighbor. After this terrible year why do you want to inflict unnecessary pain on the community?

  1. I want to get Chickens to live with me, to sell eggs and chickens and be my friends.
    Will I be able to pay farm taxes because I sell Eggs and Chickens ?

  2. I believe 1 rescue pony or 1 rescue pig, etc. is a pet not livestock and as such is not a public nuisance nor will it affect the health of Brigantine residents.

  3. I believe certain livestock like horses should be allowed with restrictions.They would have to have sufficient space,which they do.Few homes in Brigantine have the
    land that they have.So,there would be few people applying for a permit.Elected officials should consider the desires of their constituency. The majority of the
    Brigantine population enjoyed the horse because it was
    a beacon of light in a dismal time in our country.

  4. The horse is not a hazard to anyone. The idea that Brigantine feels the need to intervene is sad. These homeowners pay taxes to enjoy their property. The township should have better things to focus on . Next you will be saying we can’t have gardens, or barbecues or any other form of homeowner pleasures that we choose.. Leave them alone. They are not bothering anyone and neither is the horse called starlight nova.

  5. Curious but not wholly unexpected that after months of articles condemning BLM and the alleged election steal, when the most horrific assault on our democracy occurs at our Capitol at the hands of people egged on by our President (who at the time I write this admitted he is partially to blame), we get an article about a pony.

    I am sure this summer the Trump flags will continue to fly high again. MAGA.

  6. what do trump flags have to do with horses? obsessed much with a man that is going to be out of office in less than a week? time to lower YOUR hate flag, just as you think its ok to spraypaint BLM on a public street, those people are allowed to hang any flag they want…it is called freedom of speech, something the cancel culture hateful left want to erase from society. keep drinking the koolaid the left pours, and well be in a depression worse than the 20s with everything they want to give away…where is it coming from because if they keep printing money and thats precisely where its headed

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