Brigantine Union Overtime Docs Suggest Abuse

Documents handed out at recent BTA; Brigantine Taxpayers Association meeting. These documents were also handed out at a recent City Council Meeting. These are OPRA requested documents in reference to INQUIRY into Brigantine Fire Department potential overtime abuse.

Brigantine FD union leadership would prefer that these docs not be seen by the Brigantine Taxpayers.

Sandi Williams of the union friendly “Concerned Citizens for Brigantine” spearheaded the recent effort to oust the Public Safety Director who uncovered many of these highly questionable financial issues.

Brigantine GOP Republican Overtime Abuse
Comp Time is NOT free

News Flash for Brigantine FD union leadership: Brigantine taxpayers pay your salary.

One would think the ‘boss’ (taxpayers) would have right to see and control salary/pay/overtime to employees. In Brigantine, it seems that is not the case. The sweetheart deal made with former city manager; Jim Barber was totally unsustainable for Brigantine taxpayers.

News Flash #2 for Brigantine FD union leadership: when you legally threaten the city, or threaten to sue those who are trying to balance the budget or expose obvious mismanagement of taxpayer dollars…… are really suing the Brigantine taxpayers. Why do you disrespect the Brigantine Taxpayers so much? Do you think they are stupid? Do you think second home owners ( 70% of city tax revenue ) are going to let highly questionable, overtime activity continue?

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