Reader Feedback. Brigantine Unions Want too Much.

Letter to the editor. Written by Jack Heil. Know why there were no firemen, policemen or beach patrol people at the budget meeting? Because ‘it’s all about me.’ They don’t care how much the taxpayers have to pay each year. They just want to get what they want for themselves.

They want chiefs, they want their medical plans paid for and their pension plans paid for. But when are they going to realize that we don’t have the money? If they keep making these big salaries, they are going to work themselves out of a job.

I think that Jennifer Blumenthal is doing the best job that she can, and the Democrats are trying to hold down the taxes every way they can.

Phil Guenther is going to run again for mayor; I think he has been in office too long.

The City of Brigantine should realize that Dan Howard as safety director is saving the city a lot of money, and it should stay this way.

Wake up, Brigantine, and don’t let the mayor, police and firemen have their way. We, the people of Brigantine, should say what we want, not them say what they want. They work for us – we don’t work for them.

Jack Heil

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