Brigantine Clerk Publishes AD to Suppress Voting Rights?

Brigantine Guenther GOP Voter Supression

Is Brigantine trying to suppress legal voting rights? That’s what Brigantine homeowners asked after seeing a particular legal notice published this week by Brigantine City Clerk; Lynn Sweeney. (See Below)

Still unknown: did Sweeney write and publish the restrictive & highly questionable voting rules on her own, or was she prompted to do so from someone else.

Do some want to keep Brigantine voter ranks as low as possible?

Proponents of legal voting rights on the island have started a probe into whether or not city solicitor; Fred Scerni was consulted on the issue. Hopefully we’ll have an answer to that question soon.

There’s been a substantial uptick in Brigantine homeowners registering directly with the county by mail. Working fine, no problem. 

We heard about a home owner that spends 6 months a year…. for the past 20 years… in their Brigantine home. When they tried to register to vote at City Hall, they were told NO, “you can’t vote here”. Upon hearing that, the longtime homeowner went online and downloaded the Atlantic County Voter Registration form. They filled it out, and quickly mailed it to the Board of Elections. Total time: about 15 minutes. Done.

Why the surge in 2nd home owners registering to vote in Brigantine?

Why don’t they want to vote at the polls near their other homes in PA, NJ or NY?

“It’s time to stop the corruption” said one who wanted to stay anonymous, fearing retribution for her remarks. “Does Brigantine really need more firemen making $140,000 with gold-plated pensions?” said another long term, part-time resident.

The voter registration surge on Brigantine Beach comes on the heels of a series of bombshell revelations over the past year. Some of the most serious being allegations of Brigantine union overtime abuse within the fire department, a breach of BB-NJ website security, lack of a state approved ‘cash management’ plan and most recently: inappropriate use of social media by some city employees.

Want to cast your vote in Brigantine this November? Some easy steps to follow:

  1. Download or attain NJ voter registration form
  2. Fill out and send / mail voter registration to the Board of Election, NOT the Brigantine city clerk. By sending registration directly to Board of Elections, you can bypass any attempt by city clerk’s office, or others, who may attempt to suppress voting by lawfully registered, Brigantine homeowners.
  3. Cast vote by mail. Voting “absentee” will avoid any potential voter suppression issues at polling place.


  • You need to be a Brigantine homeowner for at least 30 days prior to election
  • NJ driver’s license is not mandatory. Last four digits of SS# will suffice for registration purposes.
  • If casting vote at polls, acceptable ID (if asked) includes bills and/or piece of letter/mail addressed to registered voter at their Brigantine domicile.
  • Registered voter will only be permitted to vote in one location.
  • Registered voter chooses which of their homes is ‘domicile’ for voting purposes.


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Brigantine Voter Suppression

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3 thoughts on “Brigantine Clerk Publishes AD to Suppress Voting Rights?”

  1. After reviewing Sept 2nd Brigantine Now article stating: “Lot’s of conflicting information being bounced around in regards to part-time residents casting a vote in the upcoming Brigantine elections.” and
    Also in the article: “you should only consider voting info from the state of NJ.”

    It is refreshing to see information being requested and provided by the City Clerk of Brigantine, through the County Board of Elections, from the Office of the Deputy Attorney General’s Office of the State of New Jersey. Seens like the proper chain of command to me!

    It is her job as City Clerk to be involved with our elections. She does not need permission from our Solicitor,( saving our tax dollars), or any permission from any member of council to facilitate the proper info for this Nov. election,( public service announcments in the two Brigantine Papers are free of charge). Seems like an efficient way of doing business!

    If this level of information was proactively provided at our council meetings, the Island would be a better place to be.

  2. Grand canyon size difference in the public notice and the 30 day rule!
    The point of the article is clear… there are questions about who can vote and questions about voter suppression/intimidation.

    Its kinda like gerrymandering or running on both tickets. Whats good for the politician is good for the voter.

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