Brigantine Voters Give More Power to Mayor Guenther

Brigantine Real Estate Mayor Guenther Simpson
Expansion of Corruption?

Brigantine’s Mayor Guenther achieved even greater powers this week’s Nov. 8 election, as voters gave Brigantine’s elite a 6 to 1 council seat ratio.

  • 1st Ward (R) Karen Bew beat (D) Jack Heil and retained her 1st Ward seat.
  • 2nd Ward, Republican challenger Michael Riordan unseated incumbent (D) Lisa McClay.
  • 3rd Ward (R) Dennis Haney unseated incumbent (D) John Withers. Haney overcame credible allegations of impropriety regarding his Real Estate taxes.
  • 4th Ward Rick DeLucry beat (R) Angelo Sciarra and was lone Democrat to retain a council seat.

Lisa McClay & John Withers lost their Brigantine council seats to Guenther cronies with zero experience.

With this Brigantine election outcome, the 26+ year Mayor…..Phil Guenther will no longer have to deal with those pesky opposition motions.

Brigantine is one of few remaining municipalities using 7 council members, running under Republican or Democrat partisanship.

Councilman Rick Delucry (D) is now the lone opposition to the Guenther & Simpson crew. For years, Delucry has been the only councilman to consistently question fiscally irresponsible activity overseen by Guenther’s City Hall. With the recent election losses of 2 opposition seats, it gets even tougher for Delucry. He’ll no longer have a opposition colleague to ‘second’ any motion he’d like to offer. In effect, the council majority no longer needs to deal with opposition ideas.

Why Brigantine Real Estate & Economic Indicators Lag: 

Brigantine Mayor Guenther & Councilman Simpson appoint, influence and/or essentially control:

  • City Council
  • School Board
  • Two schools with duplicate staffing
  • Planning Board
  • City Manager Stinson
  • Auditors
  • Tax Assessor
  • Economic Committee
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Permitting & Inspections
  • Mercantile & Retail
  • Real Estate Development
  • Jobs & enrollment at ACIT, Atlantic County Vocational School District



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3 thoughts on “Brigantine Voters Give More Power to Mayor Guenther”

  1. Once again,the voters of Brigantine have decided to reinstall the Guenther cartel. A group whom over the years has decided that fiscal responsibility and planning is some thing they do not have to engage in. Their idea of budgeting is to fly by the seat of their pants and in election years,float bonds,passing the debt into the future and in non election years raise taxes. Just remember you don’t pay interest on taxes,but you do on bonds.Taxes prepaid earn interest. BONDS ARE DEBT. GOOD luck

  2. sad but not surprised

    America’s working class finally woke up. They realized that big government is screwing them over, killing jobs, growth and the American dream as it continues to line he pockets of the politically connected!

    Sadly, Brigantine voters are still asleep.

  3. sad but not surprised

    Working class folks across America woke up and realized that an out of control government is ripping them off. Sadly it looks as though the voters of Brigantine are still asleep.

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