Brigantine Voters Give More Power to Mayor Guenther

Brigantine Real Estate Mayor Guenther Simpson
Expansion of Corruption?

Brigantine’s Mayor Guenther achieved even greater powers this week’s Nov. 8 election, as voters gave Brigantine’s elite a 6 to 1 council seat ratio.

  • 1st Ward (R) Karen Bew beat (D) Jack Heil and retained her 1st Ward seat.
  • 2nd Ward, Republican challenger Michael Riordan unseated incumbent (D) Lisa McClay.
  • 3rd Ward (R) Dennis Haney unseated incumbent (D) John Withers. Haney overcame credible allegations of impropriety regarding his Real Estate taxes.
  • 4th Ward Rick DeLucry beat (R) Angelo Sciarra and was lone Democrat to retain a council seat.

Lisa McClay & John Withers lost their Brigantine council seats to Guenther cronies with zero experience.

With this Brigantine election outcome, the 26+ year Mayor…..Phil Guenther will no longer have to deal with those pesky opposition motions.

Brigantine is one of few remaining municipalities using 7 council members, running under Republican or Democrat partisanship.

Councilman Rick Delucry (D) is now the lone opposition to the Guenther & Simpson crew. For years, Delucry has been the only councilman to consistently question fiscally irresponsible activity overseen by Guenther’s City Hall. With the recent election losses of 2 opposition seats, it gets even tougher for Delucry. He’ll no longer have a opposition colleague to ‘second’ any motion he’d like to offer. In effect, the council majority no longer needs to deal with opposition ideas.

Why Brigantine Real Estate & Economic Indicators Lag: 

Brigantine Mayor Guenther & Councilman Simpson appoint, influence and/or essentially control:

  • City Council
  • School Board
  • Two schools with duplicate staffing
  • Planning Board
  • City Manager Stinson
  • Auditors
  • Tax Assessor
  • Economic Committee
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Permitting & Inspections
  • Mercantile & Retail
  • Real Estate Development
  • Jobs & enrollment at ACIT, Atlantic County Vocational School District