Brigantine Yacht Club – Open House PICS & VIDEO

Brigantine Yacht Club
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This is definitely NOT your father’s yacht club. BrigantineNOW was pleasantly surprised that Thurston Howell the 3rd was nowhere to be found at the Brigantine Yacht Club. It was their open house on Sunday, July 1. Click thru for pics & vids.

Don’t let the name ‘yacht club’ fool ya. This place is not a stuffy, old-head boating group. Of course, the Brigantine Yacht Club features sailing. But did you know BYC also has a very active social scene? This all happens at their bayside club house, galley and bar.

According to the gameshow; JEOPARDY!, Brigantine is known as the windiest city in America. Combine that with our excellent back waters, and you get spectacular sailing. The club is dedicated to the sport of sailing—complete with expert instructions for children and adults.

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