BrigantineNOW, Eyes & Ears for Second Homeowners.

Since 2011, BrigantineNOW has been the #1 source of local Brigantine news and info. Most homeowners, especially 2nd homeowners, appreciate the unfiltered news we provide. Some hate that BrigantineNOW shines much needed light on how this beautiful town is mismanaged.

Local Brigantine newspapers ignore critical community news.

  • Dune destruction without DEP approval
  • Public employee over-time scandal
  • Lack of criminal background checks for sports teams
  • Non-profit irregularities
  • Real reason for Mayor Guenther’s exit
  • Bloated school district
  • Link Golf Course financials
  • Brigantine Chamber of Commerce problems
  • Why so many empty business fronts?
  • Councilman Simpson’s conflicts of interest

BrigantineNOW delivers the facts. Sometime they’re ugly and uncomfortable. But the facts are the facts.

BrigantineNOW: the eyes and ears for all Brigantine taxpayers, especially second homeowners.

Shoobies still shunned in Brigantine?

Hard to believe, but there’s still a handful of die-hard locals that see 2nd homeowners as a nuisance. Yup. These knuckleheads ignore the fact that 75% of Brigantine’s budget is financed by those who buy vacation homes.

Let’s not forget about jobs. Vacation homeowners are the life blood of Brigantine…. not just for tax revenue, but for jobs. Contractors, landscapers, roofers, kitchen designers, carpenters, real estate execs, crafters and artists, etc.


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2 thoughts on “BrigantineNOW, Eyes & Ears for Second Homeowners.”

  1. You guys rock! I only regret that you weren’t around when we were getting fleeced (real estate tax-wise) from 1997-2015. Keep up the good work for second home owners, the life blood of Brigantine.

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