BrigantineNOW Tipsters Shine Light on Shark Park Playground

Happy to report…SHARK PARK playground seems to finally be a high priority with the city of Brigantine. Readers of BrigantineNOW deserve all the credit for that.

YOU sent in the tip…..and BrigantineNOW went out and took lots of pics. We posted the Shark Park Brigantine Playground pics here… for all to see. The mayor & city manager were highly encouraged to take this seriously. So far, so good. This inter-web works pretty good, huh?

We wonder if this issue would have made it to the front page of the local paper…or would have motivated the city to act…..if BrigantineNOW didn’t post all those pics last week? Hmmm…..

The days of keeping everybody in the dark…in Brigantine….are over. Have a tip to make Brigantine better? Send it our way. We love helping.

The NEW Brigantine has a very bright future.

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