Brigantine’s Amy Kennedy To Run For Congress

Amy Kennedy, a former Brigantine school teacher, will run as a Democrat against party-switching Republican U.S. Congressman Jeff Van Drew.

Amy Kennedy is married to former Democratic U.S. Congressman, Patrick Kennedy.

Van Drew won election in 2018 as a Democrat. Last month he became a Republican. He opposed impeaching Republican President Donald Trump. Van Drew would not accept threats from embattled South Jersey Democrat leader, Michael Sulimon.

Kennedy highlighted the economy and environmental issues in a video announcing her run.

Van Drew’s party switch has created a competitive Democratic primary. Kennedy will face several challengers.

Kennedy, a mother of 5, is the education director of the Kennedy Forum, founded in 2013 by her husband. It helps officials improve mental health care policy.

This district leans Republican, which helped Trump get elected in 2016. The seat was held by Republican Frank LoBiondo for 12 terms.

LoBiondo did nothing to support the Republican candidate, Seth Grossman.

LoBiondo often attacked President Trump and quickly bent to the will of social justice warriors.

Primary is June 2.

Patrick Kennedy served 8 terms in Congress representing Rhode Island. He’s the son of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy and nephew of late President John F. Kennedy.

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4 thoughts on “Brigantine’s Amy Kennedy To Run For Congress”

    1. agreed, Paul
      Name recognition will NOT cut the mustard.
      Van Drew saw the light and moved away from the Dark Side. Thanks Jeff. You have my vote.
      See you at the 1/28/2020 rally in Wildwood.
      Trump 2020
      God Bless America and our patriotic values

  1. Quickly bent to the will of social justice warriors is the same thing as having compassion. LobBando was a conservative a moderate could support.

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