Brigantine’s New Dog Park Fencing Being Installed

After months of debate and discussion, looks like Brigantine dog owners are just days away from having a new dog park. How soon will the new, fenced in area at 42& Bayshore be ready for canine camaraderie? We’re still waiting for that announcement. Electricity, water, security and other needed items are next in line, once the fence is up. In the meantime, click thru to view photos of crews installing the fences. Thanks to Tracy Rossini for these pics.

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1 thought on “Brigantine’s New Dog Park Fencing Being Installed”

  1. Dog Park. FYI

    Today is Nikita (Nikki) Weiss’s birthday! She would have been 14 years old. Quite the senior citizen.She would have been glad to know that she won’t be forgotten.
    Let’s hope it works out well for all.

    Thanks everyone!
    Sandy W.

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